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Background Checks – The Costs and Benefits

These days we all interact with many people, and our first contacts are often via websites, emails and social media pages. As business and personal relationships develop, we move into an atmosphere of trust without much knowledge to base it on. By the time we reach the point of forming business partnerships, sharing personal banking accounts and heaven forbid signing guarantees, we have passed the point of doing background checks. In fact, we feel positively uncomfortable about asking for proof about anything.

If This Is You, You are Not Alone

We have many clients who fell into what we call the trust trap. Good honest folk who lost control of their business interests, were inveigled into committing fraud, had their houses foreclosed on, and even had their estates sequestrated just because they did not think that background checks were necessary. QLD Covert Investigations wrote this post to tell you how to prevent this happening, and what we can do to help if you think you might be in trouble.

Background Checks – Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

An honest person will sense your concerns, and offer to share their information before you ask. If they do not, then you should ask yourself why they do not initiate the conservation. If they are genuine, then they will have the same concerns about sharing finances with you. One way to start the process is to provide your own information first. But how do you know that they will not abuse the knowledge. You cannot trust a stranger, any more than you can trust a friend who is secretive about their background when you try to do a check.

Background Checks – Where to Look Yourself

We live in an age where every major thing we do, every social media comment we post, and every transaction that we make is digitised and stored somewhere on a server. Much of this information is there to protect the interests of honest citizens. If you know where to look, have the time to spare and the staying power to keep you going you can crack the code yourself. If you do not, then perhaps you need honest help.

Background Checks – How We Can Help

OLD Covert Investigations has a fulltime team dedicated to doing background checks for clients. We know where to look, and we have links forged with custodians of key information. Why not give us a call on 1300 553 788 right away or send us an email. We are experts in what we do, and we do it well.

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