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Does Infidelity on the Internet Justify Surveillance?

Infidelity is the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse, or other sexual partner. However, infidelity on the internet is subtly different. That’s because it does not involve actually meeting, although physical unfaithfulness could follow of course

Hence we are writing here of an emotional affair without physical contact. This broadens fidelity to the point where lovers do more than shun physical intimacy with third parties. They also reserve their deeper emotions for each other too.

So Does Online Virtual Cheating Damage Relationships?

Very Well Mind website believes this is the case, even if actual body touching is absent. Thus in this instance the clandestine meeting takes place in the virtual metaverse that is changing the way we do many things. Things from meeting social friends to chat, ordering consumables, and even earning money for some.

We should think twice before logging on for private chat if we are in a committed relationship, according many to marriage counsellors.  Online cheating is still cheating they say, and it can do lasting damage to relationships.

  • The cheater transfers some of their emotional attachment to a third party. They may be unable to reverse this and their primary relationship may decay.
  • The cheated-upon-person may find the cheating partner colder and less emotional. If they stumble over digital evidence their love may be destroyed.

Online Cheating Can Morph Into Physical Contact

Infidelity on the internet can become steamy to the point the partners decide to test their fantasies in real time. And if they connect, then physical infidelity may follow. This takes the primary relationship down a potentially slippery slope from which it may never recover. For all the above reasons Very Well Mind suggests think twice before you online chat in private rooms.

What Should the Other Person in the Relationship Do?

We had a call the other day from a spouse concerned their partner was staying up late at night on their computer. What were they doing, they wondered? Gambling, trading in crypto, planning a weekend away with a secret lover. This was tearing them apart.

We suggested they have it out with their partner but they were afraid of disturbing the relationship further. We then conducted a survey of chatrooms on the computer memory and discovered several dating sites.

We handed the information to our client and recommended counselling therapy as we are marriage advisers. Our reasoning was it makes no sense to destroy a relationship when trying to save it. But at least now our client has the evidence to gain an upper hand over the situation. Call now 1300 553 788 for a free confidential consultation.

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