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Covert Investigations and What You May Need to Know

If we browse through a department store noting prices to compare with other retailers, then we are conducting an open study. A floor walker may politely inquire why we are doing this, but they can’t really stop us.

However, if we were doing the survey on behalf of a competitor muscling in on their turf, we might be wiser to conduct a series of short, covert investigations. We could be even smarter of we were relaying prices to a colleague on the phone, while we wandered through the display.

The Main Difference between Overt and Covert Investigations

Doing something overtly means acting openly, and without any intention of concealing what we are doing. Our true intentions, and other people’s impressions should overlap to a considerable extent. A covert investigation, on the other hand is done while concealing our true purpose, although other people may be present.

Let’s take an example of a typical private detective investigation. A new client with a warehouse has noticed damaged goods towards the back of shelves for several weeks, and their losses are growing. However, only employees with identity tags and verified contract cleaners may enter.

Now if an investigator were to walk up and introduce themselves as a private investigator, the perpetrators would obviously clam up, and stop causing wilful damage for at least as long as they were there. However, they would still be at large, and the damage could continue after the detective left.

The private investigator would therefore need to enter under cover of a fictitious persona, one that would not raise any suspicion. One option could be to disguise themselves as a shelf duster, who is a little slow on the uptake and keeps to themselves.

Clues started rolling in within a couple of days on a previous occasion when we did something similar. That was after the perpetrators decided our investigator was a halfwit and dropped their guard. But was that ethical do you think?

Our reply would be another question. Were those perpetrators ethical, when they covertly pretended to be working while damaging their employer’s goods? We handed their names to their employer who confronted them, offering the opportunity to resign.

Do You Have an Employee Problem for QLD Covert Investigations?

QLD Covert Investigations has a team of private investigators skilled in covert investigation methods. Some of our cases involve direct observations under cover. While others are more forensic in nature and examine after-the-event clues we uncover. However, we don’t just handle employee issues. We cover the entire canvas of fraud and crime.

You are most welcome to post a message on our website, email our operations manager at, or simply give the team a call on 1300 553 788. We won’t charge for the first initial telephone consultation if you call us now. This should allow us sufficient time to decide whether we can take your case on.

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