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How to Locate Debtors Anywhere in Australia Yourself

Even serial debtors leave trails behind them. Even if they assume a false identity they still need a record to qualify for finance, credit or to rent property. This article is for creditors whose trust may have been over generous. But at least they have enough core information to locate debtors in Australia.

Five Key Steps to Locating Debtors Anywhere in Australia

1. Review the Information You Have on File – Credit application forms from stores or downloaded from the web have fields for information that is there for this purpose.

You may be able to harvest past addresses, employer references, next of kin and more if you look. Those fields should all have contact numbers for people who may be able to help if you ask.

2. Contact those Past Employers and Referees – Call the people personally whose information you have, and politely ask them if they know where your debtor is.

Listen carefully for clues when they reply. They may inadvertently mention the debtor’s nickname as they vociferously deny all knowledge. This information can be invaluable when sifting through social media accounts.

3. See What You Can Find on Social Media – You’ll soon discover how vast the store of available information is, on facebook, twitter, linked-in, reddit, instagram, and so on. Fortunately these all offer facilities for searches

Most results should produce videos and selfies of the person with the account. However, we know from experience how tedious this phase is, unless you have access to artificial intelligence to hand.

4. Sift Through Available Government Records – You may be able to fossick in government records if the above tips don’t enable you to locate a missing debtor somewhere in Australia.

Some, but not all vehicle and property registration records are open to the public, although you may have to pay search fees which tend to stack up. Remember to interrogate credit bureaus, you may even find your debtor there.

5.Do Fee-Based Searches on Online Data Bases – Online data abases can be gold-mines of information although they can work out relatively expensive because you pay per search.

QLD Covert Investigations Finds Debtors Wherever They Are

You can trust Queensland’s most seasoned private detectives to search as diligently as you would, if only you had sufficient time. We have over a decade of experience, and fast computers for gathering the most recent information.

Call us on Queensland 1300 553 788 for the first 15 minute consultation without incurring any obligation. If that’s inconvenient, post an email, or leave a message on our informative website. We’ll do our very best to find your debtor, no matter where they are in Australia.

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