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5 Reasons To Hire An External Private Investigator

Dealing with fraud, theft, indiscipline, and other workplace issues can be tricky for business owners to handle. Although most employers appoint one of their trusted staff members to investigate and report, this isn’t always the best way to do it. Such can create hatred towards the ‘investigator’, as the other employees will see them as snitches. However, a private investigator can help get to the bottom of most of these issues without creating enmity between colleagues. Here are 5 reasons why you should consult external private investigators instead.

1. Professional Training

Most private investigators are professionally trained. They can achieve so much more in an hour or so than what your employee would in a week. They are trained to observe body cues and even identify situations and opportunities that may lead to fraud or theft in the company. They also have better equipment and techniques needed to make their work much easier. Aside from this; the private investigator won’t show favouritism, especially if the suspect is one of their ‘trusted’ friends.

2. Experience

Private investigators do this for a living. You can thus be assured he/she has handled a similar case(s) before, hence knows exactly what needs to be done or is required of them. The investigator will do their job diligently, which again reduces the chances of accusing the wrong person. “We want staff to follow all procedures and obligations for the privacy of our clients, so when the time comes to address any issues, I need it done professionally,” says one of the managers at a high-end Sydney Detox Clinic. The PI will treat everyone as a suspect to build his/her case. He will then present any evidence uncovered to you and even advise on the best way to avoid such a case in the future.

 3. Distance

The PI isn’t in any way linked to the company or its employees. They thus have an unbiased eye, especially on the little clues that a workmate might overlook. Hiring a private investigator also means none of your employees will have to abdicate their post or assignment either. According to the Founder of Bright Capital Finance, outsourcing is important for productivity, “In such a busy industry, internal investigations can be a time consuming matter, so I know if I ever needed to look into an issue, a PI would be my first choice.”

4. Legal Knowledge

Private investigators handle their operations and surveillance discreetly. They thus won’t get in anyone’s way and will also not cross the line in their investigations. This protects both you and the company from a possible lawsuit, should one make a complaint. “The legal knowledge of a private investigator is so important when I’m looking to hire new staff to work with children, there’s no one I would trust more to handle such an important part of our business,” says Children’s Gym owner Heidi No

5. Peace of Mind

With deadlines to meet, there’s a good chance most of the employees will be stressed out, especially if there’s an ongoing investigation. No one knows where the axe will fall, making tensions run even higher. However, private investigators are swift in their job; hence they will have the issue sorted out within the shortest time possible. The tension is thus short-lived, leaving you with much-needed peace of mind.

Appointing an in-house investigator will only create tensions and conflict in the workplace. The appointee might even not get the right person. Hiring a private investigator from QLD Covert Investigations can help resolve the issue and allow everyone to get back to work fast and easy.

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