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The Causes Of People Missing In Australia

In Australia, a report of a missing person is filed after every hour. The report provides details about the well-being and safety of the missing person. Moreover, the rate of these reports has increased from 30,000 to 40,000 in the year 2019. That is an increase of 30%.

However, you also need to acknowledge the fact that 97% of the missing persons usually show up or return within a period of two weeks. When this happens, such cases are not considered to be serious matters since both the police and the public see this as a simple search and found operation. Because of such scenarios, putting preventive measures against people disappearing has become difficult to establish.

As we mark National Missing Persons Week, it is our priority to ensure people are aware of what causes people to disappear and come up with new solutions to solve this problem.

Janine Elliot, an expert from Gold Coast Detox and Rehab Clinic explains that the use of harmful substances such as drugs is a major contributor to missing persons cases in Australia, but this is just one of many scenarios. Various factors can trigger missing episodes such as relationship breakdowns, family and domestic violence and even to escape life-threatening situations.

Searching for a missing person is not an easy task, that is why this responsibility is assigned to authorities since they have a lot of field experience when it comes to dealing with circumstances that involve rescue and emergency search services. However, even though the police might have field experience, they do not possess the experience needed to tackle emotional issues that cause people to go missing.

You also need to understand these particular cases can strain both community and police resources when trying to solve them. It is estimated that it costs communities at least $2,360. This is the average cost associated with legal costs, as well as search costs. These costs also extend when the person is missing for a longer period of time. According to Sydney flyer business owner Stephanie Holbrook, the cost of something seemingly small like missing persons flyers is one of many things people don’t consider when calculating such costs.

What Do Missing People Reports State?

Researchers have taken time to discover what missing people reports say once they have returned. According to this, at least 50 people have discussed the disconnection and vulnerability that exist after their return.

80% of those who return express their concerns and explain why they did not want to be found or seen by friends and relatives as well as those who searched for them.

Others expressed anger and frustration for not getting adequate support after being found by the rescue team or the police.

Most respondents stated that the main reason why they went missing in the first place is because of mental health issues and emotional stress. This sentiment is reinforced by therapist from An Amazing You, Sandra Ryan, who has helped those recovering from such an experience, “These people go missing at the peak of their mental health crisis, which is why it is worrying if they don’t receive the appropriate care afterwards.”

Half of those who went missing returned to their homes without any help, while others were searched and found by the police.

Different Ways Of Solving This Problem

1. Increase Public Awareness.

Missing person cases should be seen as health issues that affect the public. According to the UK research, awareness campaigns of people missing should not only target the community but also health workers, both the doctors and those who work in emergency departments.

2. Enhance Partnerships

Taking good care of those who return is also another issue that needs to be addressed. That is because cases of people missing can easily be reduced if those who return get the help they need. Therefore, it is necessary for social workers to partner with the police so that missing individuals can get proper care depending on each one’s needs. This will also stop people from disappearing again once they are found.

Working as a team can also help cover more missing people cases within a short period, even in hot spot areas where cases of missing people are on the rise.

3. Invest More Time And Resources In Research Work.

More time and resources should be invested in the research work so that it can be easy to deal with issues that trigger these cases. For example, it can be easy for both social workers and police to understand why people disappear by conducting an interview with those who return.

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