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12 Red Flags They Might Be a Cheater

No one wants to believe that their partner might be stepping out on them. Our partners are meant to be the one person we can trust and love completely. It’s an unsettling feeling, but if you’re starting to suspect that something is up here are twelve red flags to look out for.

They’re acting strange

This is probably the first thing you’ll notice. They aren’t being themselves. They are quiet and reserved.

Sometimes there is just something else going on. This sign on its own isn’t necessarily a red flag for cheating. However, you may want to reassess if its followed by these other signs.

They’ve become very secretive

Having some mystery is important in a relationship. You want to still have things to learn about your partner as the years tick by.

But if they suddenly start sneaking off to answer phone calls or subtly try to shield their phone screen from you it might be cause for alarm.

They’re quick to anger

If your partner suddenly develops a fiery temper, it could be due to an affair. Sometimes when one partner is cheating, they start fights to deflect the guilt they feel onto the other partner.

If your significant other is constantly getting cranky over little things it could be a red flag for cheating.

They’ve got a new look

We all go through phases of updating our style. That’s not usually something to worry about, but if your partner is trying to appear younger and they’re suddenly feeling themselves it could be a sign they’re cheating.

When someone else shows interest, it can be a confidence boost and if they’re trying to keep up with a younger partner it might show in their wardrobe.

They’re working all the time

It’s 2021 and most of us are over-worked and under-paid but if their work suddenly ramps up and they are out at all hours they didn’t used to be, that could be a red flag. Going into work early is probably just them actually working.

If they’re coming home to shower and change into something nice then heading to ‘work events’ that you have not heard about before or aren’t invited to ever, that could be a red flag.

They’re always on their phone

We can all be guilty of this from time to time. But, if you can’t get your partner to put their phone down it might be a red flag.

If someone is cheating, they’re probably doing it through an app on their phone. Look out for smiles and laughter that isn’t followed by ‘Hey, watch this dog video’.

They’re not showing you any love

While it’s natural for the spark to fizzle a little as time goes on, if you find your partner has suddenly lost all interest in you it could be a sign, they’re stepping out on you.

This can include all forms of intimacy, cuddling, hand holding, kissing and intimate conversations. If they’re backing away emotionally it may be because they’ve found someone else to meet those needs.

They have a change of heart

Maybe you and your partner have always seen eye to eye on specific issues and now out of the blue they’ve changed their mind.

If they’re adopting a completely different set of values, it could be because they’re forming a new relationship and this new person has challenged or changed their point of view.

They’re working on themselves

If your partner suddenly starts hitting the gym all the time when they usually have to be dragged there, they might have someone they are trying to impress. Generally, when people cheat, they switch back into dating mode and start trying to look their best.

For your partner it might not be going to the gym but maybe it’s putting more effort into their appearance or spending more time and money on professional grooming.  

The finances don’t add up

If you and your partner share finances, money missing can be a red flag for cheating. If you’ve kept finances separate look for lots of cash withdrawals.

People who cheat often use cash to keep the paper trail down. If you notice something fishy is going on with the finances that can be a red flag.

They avoid certain places

If your partner gets cagey about going to a specific restaurant or bar, it could be because they are afraid that a staff member might recognise them.

If they’re avoiding specific locations or suburbs like the plague, it could be a red flag.

They switch their language up

When your partner stops saying ‘we’ and starts saying ‘me’, it can be a sign they are pulling away.

This could also be because they are dating someone else and have had to stop using ‘we’ to avoid having their new partner find them out.

If you’ve noticed some of these red flags you may have a cheating partner. Before you jump to conclusions, there are some things you can do. Speak to QLD Covert Investigations for advice.

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