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How To Catch a Cheating Spouse

It’s perfectly understandable why most aggrieved spouses don’t make good spouse busters, and so don’t catch their cheating partners first time round. After all, it takes a Private Investigator to hone their skills and even then they occasionally scratch their heads for a little while.

So why then do the victims of cheating wives and husbands make such poor investigators, especially when they have so many opportunities to spot the obvious? Why is it often so hard to catch a cheating partner?

We asked our top Brisbane Surveillance Specialist  for his opinion, and this is what he said.

The Built-In Advantage Cheaters Have

I reckon they have an unfair advantage,” he said. “You see, they know what’s happening, they can spot a tricky question coming, and they have all the answers when they need them. To be honest, it’s a bit like a pussy cat stalking a field mouse. It simply exploits its trust.”

Most partners have an overwhelming desire to trust their other half. They rely on them for love, security and comfort. As the years pass, they wonder how they could ever live without them. And so it’s perfectly natural to accept a “little white lie” from time to time – especially when they can’t bear to do anything that could precipitate a break-up. To catch a cheating partner, in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, it takes a third party who’s on your side.

This is not unlike what we find in corporate investigations too. Business partners are often equally reticent to face up to infidelity (although that’s inevitably of the pecuniary kind). Instead, they work hard to convince themselves that the opposite is true. And that’s another weakness the guilty partner capitalises on.

Suspicion Is a Two-Edged Sword

A spouse wishing to develop their “spouse buster” skills often scours the internet for tips for spotting infidelity. Unfortunately, they often depart from the premise that their partner’s already guilty, and so can make the error of interpreting innocent behaviour the wrong way round. When they blow their cover and make wrong accusations, they achieve two very different things:

The Secrets of Surveillance

Remember the example of the pussy cat our Gold Coast Private Investigator mentioned? It’s following the same stakeout method our Brisbane surveillance team uses to catch a cheating spouse. In other words, wait discreetly without letting the target know what you’re up to. And then close the circle with pinpoint accuracy.

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Good Reasons to be Careful

Suspicious spouses who become their own investigators, and attempt this form of surveillance themselves, may run several risks. These include:


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Trust Qld Covert Investigations Instead

We know from our ten years of experience that the victim of a cheating spouse has more important things to do than attempting to catch a cheating spouse. Call Qld Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 instead. Get on with your life, while our Private Investigator on the Gold Coast Queensland helps provide peace of mind. 

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