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Why You May Need a Bug Sweep as Part of your TSCM – Security Risk Management

Australian businesses may be under closer surveillance then they imagine. However this time we are not thinking of the Australian Tax Office ATO. Our thoughts direct to the dog-eat-dog phase commerce is passing through during the pandemic.

TSCM is short for the tactical surveillance counter measures businesses under threat can take. Today we make a case for why you may need a bug sweep. QLD Covert Investigations is available to assist in case you decide you need help or advice.

Why You May Need a Bug Sweep: New Technology

The steadily expanding metaverse is continuing to decrease our reliance on direct personal contact. Here we think of social media meetings, virtual shopping on the internet, and working from home during COVD-19. By the same token, an infiltrator need no longer inspect your business premises in person, to steal your trade secrets.

That’s because they have technology in the form of cellular / bluetooth interception, electronic bugs, hidden cameras, laser microphones, listening devices, and other ways to eavesdrop and take photos. Those threats are greater than ever as business struggles to survive in the COVID-19 lockdown.

Hence, it is no longer a question of why you may need a bug sweep. Your business plans, customer emails, proprietary formulae, and specifications may be under assault right now. The QLD Covert Investigations hotline to call is 0401 553 551 in Queensland, Australia.

Are Tactical Surveillance Counter Measures Your Answer?

You have to fight fire with fire, and with superior equipment if you want to win a battle. Our skilled operatives use sophisticated TSCM equipment, to counter proprietary information and knowledge theft. If you have technical security weaknesses they could identify these and suggest what action to take.

However, their biggest short-term benefit is their ability to jam virtual surveillance, and locate and destroy alien snooping equipment on your premises. This is a complex task, especially where these devices are placed inside legitimate electronic equipment masking their presence.

An experienced TSCM agent will know how to check your business premises, employees, managers, storage areas, attics and basements for alien equipment. QLD Covert Investigations regularly debugs client premises in a couple of hours. If you would like to take this further, here is our operation manager’s email address gm@qldcovertpi.com.au or call from a safe phone on 0401 553 551

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