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Personal Name and Asset Searches Reveal the Whole Truth

A personal name and asset search reveals more about a person than many of our clients expect. They come to us for advice because they are contemplating an important decision involving someone they feel they don’t really know.  Knowing the truth about a prospective spouse, future key employee, or business partner is becoming more difficult in the chaos surrounding COVID-19. Life suddenly seems potentially shorter but we must continue planning for the long term.

The Key Focus Points in Personal Name and Asset Searches

We see our role as establishing the true facts, and then interconnecting them so they provide a holistic view of the person’s entire life. We are continuously looking for inconsistencies during personal name and asset searches. We rigorously expose the truth when we find a gap where something is missing.

It’s amazing how much truth attaches to a personal name when the information appears in a credible source. That’s why in these instances we stay away from social media sites where it is so easy to fabricate information. Australia has many reliable sources when you know where to look, and have the experience to uncover it there.

When Personal Assets Can Tell More of the Truth

We begin by constructing the subject’s life story. Our clients are usually able to provide a few clues to get us started. That’s because they have almost inevitably tried to do a background search themselves, but ended up with gaps which caused them to call QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788.

Once we have the overall picture in terms of qualifications, interests, and work experience we begin uncovering their asset base to gauge an idea of their true worth.

We expect to find a pattern of home ownership and investments as our personal name and asset searches evolve. If we find their financial worth is less, or more than our skilled operators estimate, then we dig down insistently to discover where the money came from, and where it went.

Then We Report Dispassionately on What We Find

Qld Covert Investigations policy is to report the facts as we find them, without commenting on the broader picture. That’s because a decision on a prospective spouse, future key employee, or business partner is not ours to take.

If you are happy with this approach, and value the facts when making a critical decision, then you are welcome to call QLD Covert Investigation at phone 1300 553 788 . We won’t charge for the initial conversation that follows. In fact it’s without any obligation whatsoever or email

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