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Why Do Back Ground Checks When There Are Social Media?

Many people believe social media have done away with the need for back ground checks. Why do we offer a paid service investigating people’s back grounds? Get answer visiting this website.

We’re often asked that question and to be honest there are two sides to it. After all, the internet is free, and social media are networks where we can quickly discover the company that people keep.

Many people believe review sites have done away with the need for business back ground checks too. So why do we still offer a paid service delving into people’s histories.

We Do Back Ground Checks Because the Internet is Unregulated

The internet in Australia is almost entirely unregulated space, although the authorities may take extreme sites down. If a person is honest then a back ground check of their social media pages may confirm what we already expect.

Their LinkedIn post will provide an accurate profile of their career history and their current role in business. While their Facebook will confirm they are regular citizens, the kind of people we could recommend to our friends.

However, if a person has information they wish to conceal, then they are hardly likely to flash it around the internet. Instead, they are going to fabricate a profile supportive of their current goals.

Worse still, if they are applying for a job they can tailor the content to the particular role of interest. Nobody is going to do a thing about that. The standard answer the social media give is we can unfriend a person if we don’t approve of them.

The Darker Side of the Internet – Collusion

It has become quite common practice for people to collude on the internet. Visit a freelancer site and you will find offers to pay people to post reviews on Amazon without checking they tried the product first.

Moreover we know of cases where pedophiles have colluded to create innocent-sounding Facebook special interest groups. These conceal illicit activities by using secret codes to confound the law.

You Need a Solid Back Ground Check to Know the Truth

The social media are great places for meeting, and getting to know like-minded people. Likewise, Amazon reviews are generally trustworthy on the basis of ‘if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

However, if you suspect somebody is not telling the truth – and you need to know the facts – then you should consider consulting a private investigation service such as QLD Covert Investigations. There are times when it is worth paying for back ground checks to know what is really going on cal now 1300 553 788 or email

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