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A Private TSCM Investigator Works in Strangely Familiar Circles

Bugs attach under tables and behind curtains. If someone is listening to your conversations, you may need a private TSCM investigator to find their bug. Call 1300 553 788 in Gold Coast Australia for confidential, discreet advice.

You probably do not know how close you came to someone listening in to your conversation. Surveillance bugs are commoner than you think in Australia. Why, you could buy one off the internet for less than a plate of steak and chips. And listen on your smartphone to almost any conversation. Just be careful though. A private TSCM investigator could find it, and catch you out.

In Those Few Words, That’s What a Private TSCM Investigator Does

The abbreviation stands for ‘tactical surveillance countermeasures’. You probably guessed it originated in America in those cold war days that are creeping back. Whole factories in China are churning out vast quantities of listening devices. Are they ethical? Most people say no, although our private TSCM investigator believes they are just a modern upgrade of eavesdropping outside open windows. We help for bug sweeping.

How You Might Be At the Listening End of a Bug

Modern listening devices are so small you could hide them in common objects. A surprise bowl of flowers from a lover, and a freebie wall clock from a supplier are both suitable for concealing them. Bugs attach under tables and behind curtains. If someone is listening to your conversations, you may need a private TSCM investigator to find their bug.

Here are sample situations where we found listening devices in the past:

  • Competition for first place in a school rugby league was tough in an Australian town. A coach became suspicious when the main opposition seemed to anticipate new tactics. Our private TSCM investigator found a listening device on the back of the trophy cabinet.
  • A trade union was in fierce conflict with a leading company over wages. They planned on cornering the business owner, and presenting their demands directly, but he always slipped through their fingers. You guessed it. The trade union conference room had a bug under the table.
  • A major supplier of catering equipment became concerned when a competitor regularly underbid them by 10% with tenders. We found the bug in a television set they won in a raffle at a trade show. Their CEO commented later how he believed it was too good to be true at the time.

Are a Bugging Victim? If So Speak to Us Soon

Covert listening devices are no longer bulky tape recorders. Some are micro devices streaming audio content in real time. You may need the services of a competent private TSCM investigator urgently, if you suspect someone is spying on you. Call 1300 553 788 for Australia widee discreet assistance, or send a confidential message if you are concerned you might be overheard.

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