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What is the Best Way to Find a Young Missing Person?

The single most important thing is not to panic about your young missing person. Teens quite often stay over with each other, and in the excitement forget to call home to explain. On other occasions, they simply party all night until dawn. We all did that when we were young – or most of us – so it often more of the same thing. However, there does come a time when we may realise we have to take action. Visit the site www.missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au 

How to Decide When You Need to Do Something Specific

Your timing depends on the particular circumstances of your young missing person. If they are vulnerable, for whatever reason perhaps you should call for assistance right away. If you suspect an adult has been grooming or stalking them, then you really have no option. They could be in trouble. We offer a 24 / 7 advice centre if you need to speak to someone urgently.

If your young missing person is an average, confident teen then the first morning after they disappear is often the right time to start. The majority reappear with a cheery ‘what’s for breakfast’, or at the very least call in to explain. If not, you have a surprising number of resources at your fingertips.

* Call their friends, or their friends’ parents to find out when they last saw your teen.   You may have a 25% chance of finding them that way.

*  Call your local police for a friendly chat. They will know about the local late party raves. Your young missing   person could be under their custodial care.

 Get in the car and drive to their favourite haunts where they like to hang out with friends. They could have dozed off on the beach and be waking up.  Visit the stores and cafés where your teen is most likely to go shopping for breakfast. Take a photo with you. Talk to front-of-shop staff.

Speak to QLD Covert Investigations about Your Young Missing Person

We have agents with extensive networks all over Gold Coast, Brisbane and Australia wide. Moreover, if you call 1300 553 788 we will not charge for the first half hour of a phone consultation. We have been solving young missing person cases since 2003. To find out whether QLD Covert Investigations could assist you – and we likely could – just follow this link. Contact us and receive speedy efficient service.

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