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Should You Back Ground Check Your Daughter’s Fiancé

This is an interesting question and worth considering carefully. When the young man asks for your permission, you at least have the right in theory to refuse. If you are going to give your daughter away then it could be an idea to know a little more about the suitor. The secret is making sure nobody knows you are doing a back ground check. [ Read more here  ]

Situations When You May Find a Back Ground Check Unnecessary

Although familiarity usually breeds contempt we’re told, you could skip the process if the youngsters have been friends for a while. You may have known the parents for some time and seen the relationship develop. In that case, you have already done your own informal back ground check. If you can see they love each other, it could be best to let things be.

Situations Where an Independent Back Ground Check Becomes Essential

If the aspirant husband is a stranger from out of town, and you know little about their background, it can be a good idea to examine their motive for wanting to marry. If there is anything that causes you to suspect an ulterior motive, or doubt their sincerity then it may make sense to learn more about them.

QLD Covert Investigations has been doing background checks of aspiring partners since 2003. While many of these investigations came out clean, we did detect the following trends worth looking out for carefully.

  • The modern fashion of simply living together, as opposed to having a marriage contract is making it more difficult to uncover previous relationships, parental responsibilities, and informal maintenance agreements.
  • People have become more financially desperate since the worldwide recession started squeezing. They may take on a partner simply as a financial hedge. Worse still, they may invest their partner’s money in dodgy deals.

Our advice is to look carefully at the timing of the romance. When did the aspiring husband first appear on the scene, how and where did the two meet. Cast your mind back to your first introduction. Was there anything that did not feel quite right?

The Role of the Private Investigator in Situations like These

It is never simple doing a back ground check on someone whom you know. You may feel uncomfortable, even embarrassed to be doing so. Moreover, the cause for your concern already knows you well. If they find you are ‘sniffing around’ this could cause all kinds of complications.

It makes more sense to ask an impartial, undercover private detective to investigate without giving your intentions away. Email QLD Covert Investigations for advice, or call 1300 553 788 any time. We have Private Investigators throughout Australia willing and able to do a back ground check for you.

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