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Undercover Surveillance Is Your Child Under Threat?

You can’t take a chance when there are signs someone is molesting your child. You need a professional surveillance specialist to find out what is going on.

Surveillance is a common tactic in our profession. Close observation of a person intent on committing crime can lead to intervention before this happens. Australia’s criminals have copied many techniques we and the police use legitimately in performance of our tasks.  Unfortunately, criminals stake out their victims using similar methods with evil intentions

Your Child Could be Under Surveillance Right Now

Where did your child go today? Were they at school, after-school sport, gym, youth group, playing in the park, or visiting a favourite uncle perhaps? It’s a sad truth our institutions are riddled with adults with evil intentions on children. The best way to protect your child is to know how they go about it.

A typical child molester behaves like an average Australian because they don’t feel guilty about it at all. We’ll leave why this is so for psychologists to explain, but the truth is they have their secret life well under cover.

Molestation begins with casual surveillance of places where kids hang out. Child molesters are attracted to children. They often drift into teaching and caring professions where friendships appear innocent to parents. Experience teaches them how to spot a child who is a likely target. They buy their friendship by spoiling them with gifts.

Your Child Could Be Caught Up in a ‘Special Relationship’

These gifts can be in the form of private tuition, extra sports coaching, free airtime, movie tickets etc. In fact anything that bonds them with children works for paedophiles. Molesters find out what parents and carers look like. They melt away as soon as they spot them, but the relationship continues secretly.

This is a public post so it would be inappropriate to discuss the warning signs displayed by affected children in any detail. They are often afraid to talk about what is happening. However, a molested child may give clues, or become aggressive, withdrawn, clingy, have difficulties sleeping or start wetting the bed.

You Can’t Afford to Take a Chance if You See the Warning Signs

The best way to set your fears aside, or confirm them is to ask QLD Covert Investigations to do a discreet surveillance of what your child is getting up to for a few days.

We will take date- time-stamped photos and videos of anything we find suspicious. The chances are 75% likely you already know the adult person if your child is a victim. Please call us on 1300 553 788 to get started soon and have peace of mind.  Click here Further information on covert surveillance.

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