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5 Signs Your Partner Is Being Unfaithful

as your partner given you reason to doubt them?

 Many people say they saw signs that their partner was cheating and chose to ignore them.

 In the same way, some people end up addressing these signs without proof. Which causes their partners to become manipulative and lie so much that they ended up twisting it to cause paranoia and insecurity.

 Whether the cheating is engaging in sexual relations with someone else, or emotionally connecting with someone at work, a betrayal of trust can be devestating.

For instance, to some people infidelity refers to their partners developing a close and intimate relationship with other people online. Therefore, defining infidelity depends on your personal boundaries.

However, regardless of the form, it’s better to find out if your partner is being unfaithful sooner rather than later. You need to know what is and is not acceptable in your relationship.

Infidelity goes hand in hand with deception and lying.

Therefore, if your partner is cheating and you suspect something, it’s very hard to find out the truth.

Putting your mind at ease is key. Here are the top 5 signs to help you discover whether or not yo

ur partner is cheating on you.

#1 – Unusual Phone Usage

Have you noted some strange changes in the phone usage of your partner?

Well, it might be a sign that they are cheating on you. Look out for phone calls where your partner leaves the room, sounds flirtatious and talks differently. Also, you should note whether your partner seems evasive and flushed.

You need to look out for increased texting. Basically, if your partner changes their phone habits immediately or if they appear to be more attached to their phones than before. If your partner is taking their phone with them when they go to the bathroom, shower or refuses to leave you alone with it, there may be something going on.

#2 – Less Attention

Is your partner going out more with friends?

Are they staying up later than they previously did?

Do they spend a lot of time chatting with people online?

Do you feel like your partner is spending too much time avoiding you?

Are they going out to the gym longer or spending a lot of time with friends?

Is your partner spending a lot of time taking care of their appearance?

Of course, these might not be exact signs of infidelity but when everything starts to add up, it will become clear that your partner is spending a lot of time avoiding you.

This is because their attention is not focussed on you anymore. They may be focussing this attention on someone else instead.

#3 – Lying Or Evasiveness

Is your partner spending a lot of time lying to you?

Well, you might be able to tell if they don’t look at you in the eye when they are speaking to you.

At the same time, finding out if your partner is lying can be challenging.

Of course, you need to trust your gut instincts in this case. If something tells you not to trust them, don’t ignore it.

If you feel like your partner is lying to you or being evasive, you need to ask direct questions. Listen to your gut instinct and learn to know the difference when they are lying or telling the truth.

#4 – Little To No Physical Affection

Most cheating partners avoid being intimate if they are doing that with someone else.

However, they might not avoid being intimate with you altogether if they are cheating. In fact, some cheaters will be more affectionate either to convince you that nothing is wrong or because they are so excited by the illicit affair.

Couples and relationship counsellor Glen Munt says “it’s likely that there will be some notable changes. For instance, they may become more adventurous in bed or ask you to do things differently. If there is any cheating in a relationship, the sex life will be affected so you need to look for extreme variations of the same.”

#5 – Change In Mood

Most people are likely to feel very uncomfortable when living a duplicitous life where they are lying and betraying.

Psychotherapist Wendy Corliss explains that “cheaters are likely to have extreme mood swings, be defensive or irritable. If you are kind and considerate towards them, they may even be hostile as they feel guilty about their betrayal and project those negative feelings on you.”

They are not comfortable with themselves so your attention and love is painful. They know that they are doing the wrong thing so they are worried about losing you.

What You Need To Do If You Think Your Partner is Cheating

Of course, none of the clues above show that your partner is cheating on you with 100% certainty.

However, if you spot any of these red flags, you need to become more vigilant that there is something going on. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you need answers.

Are you worried your partner is being unfaithful? Contact the team at  QLD  Covert Investigations and get the answers you deserve!

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