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Types of Missing Persons You May Find

There are three broad categories of missing persons. The first are those who lose their way in a wilderness, or become disorientated through trauma or dementia. The second fall victim to persuasion or abduction. The third group of missing persons that we focus on today are those who vanish as a conscious, deliberate act of which they are fully in control.

Among the latter group are people who abscond without fulfilling obligations. Examples of them include:

  • Parents unwilling to care for and support their children
  • Spouses who decide their promises no longer matter
  • Spouses who decide their promises no longer matter
  • Tenants who do a moonlight as opposed to paying rent
  • Indebted persons who walk away from what they owe
  • Partners who abscond with assets of the business

Before thinking the worst of these missing persons it is a good idea to tick a few basic boxes. If you suspect they may have suffered trauma check the hospitals, shelters, police stations and prisons in your area first. In case they have temporary disorientation, inquire of friends and hotels nearby.

If these measures fail to produce results and the days roll into weeks, persons out of pocket gradually confront the prospect of coping with life somewhat poorer. If you find yourself in a state like this and want to go after what is justifiably yours, then you should consider calling QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788  to discuss your options. We believe missing persons should pay their debts and we can help.

Do Missing Persons Give Warning Signs

Most deliberate disappearances we dealt with had early-warning signs (if the other party had looked for them). There is an almost inevitable emotional build-up until the situation reaches breaking point. Continuing with the examples we mentioned earlier here are some signs to watch out with;

  • A parent who seems to have lost interest in the kids, or even resents them
  • A partner who leaves home early, comes home late and goes to bed
  • A tenant complaining about the rent and the state of the accommodation
  • A debtor who regularly skips payments or pays short
  • A business partner who becomes secretive and won’t look you in the eye

QLD Covert Investigation Missing Persons Service

We can potentially help you in two different ways. If you start spotting missing person warning signs you can contact us with a view to a discussion about a possible surveillance. However you should call 1300 553 788 directly if a close person or an associate with a financial connection vanishes. Time is of the essence before they cover over their tracks.

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