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TSCM and Bug Sweeps: A Layperson’s Guide

We are unsure where the term ‘bug’ comes from, although surveillance devices can be as persistent as ladybugs on one’s forearm. Perhaps it is because they really irritate us. Whatever the case, they are on their way to becoming as numerous as roaches. On a more serious note, we wrote this guide to tactical security counter-measures (TSCM) to take the wraps off latest developments. [ Read more here www.auscovertinvestigations.com.au/bug-sweeping ]

Anybody Can Cheaply Acquire Their Own Bugs

The internet is a no holds barred marketplace. Hidden cameras, wire tappers, audio listeners, and cell phone spyware are freely available to anybody with money on their card, and a delivery address. Nobody is monitoring what is happening centrally. Governments say they have bigger fish to fry. The police are reluctant unless there is a major crime. It is up to us to protect our own interests.

Continuing Our Layperson’s Guide to TSCM and Bug Sweeps

We can become victims to secret surveillance in many ways. Identity theft is common nowadays. When we call out our pin code or medicare number to our spouse across the room, we assume our privacy is intact. The other day, we had a case where a property owner was listening in to a tenant who became a client.

The safest way around this is to search regularly for bugs planted at work and home. However, most of us have no idea what to search for, or what the devices look like. This opens up the thought of calling in TSCM professional assistance.

QLD Covert Investigation’s Response to the Problem

We have a team of tactical security counter-measure (TSCM) specialists using military grade equipment to seek out, and destroy devices. They use sophisticated equipment to eavesdrop on bugs, and use directional-sensing equipment to locate them. Digital vulnerability sweeps are the only know way we know to assure electronic security short of a confession.

TSCM technology has filtered down from U.S. and other security services, where bug sweeps inevitably precede diplomatic meetings and high-level conferences. We are not suggesting the average Australian needs this level of protection. We do however recommend it to any businessperson, or citizen whose privacy seems to have blown away like autumn leaves in the wind. We Guarantee Utmost Discretion and Privacy

QLD Covert Investigations and its agents have government licenses. We are also members of the Australian Institute of Private Detectives, and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited. Contact us anytime you suspect someone is shadowing you, or call 1300 553 788 now for TSCM advice.

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