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The Comfort Provided by Background Checks

In broad terms, background checks include examining commercial, financial and criminal history as inputs to decision clients are contemplating concerning individuals and organisations. These often spill over into aspects of moral character. There are a variety of circumstances under which these become relevant, of which a few follow here.

Business Partnerships

Going into business with a partner involves trusting them to put the interests of the company first, and to be scrupulously correct when it comes to confidential information. Damage control is limited if they let you down, because you usually only discover this after the damage has been done.  It pays to ask a professional to do background checks first, because the risks are seldom obvious to the inexperienced eye up front.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

More than half the incidents of company fraud are committed by people on the payroll, and inevitably some of these have previous offences that they cover up when applying for a job. While this may get them past executives with other things in mind, they seldom survive the intense scrutiny of QLD Covert Investigations. That’s because our operatives know which inconsistencies to look for, and how best to follow through on them.

Marriages and Civil Unions

We often conduct partner background checks for clients contemplating marriages and civil unions. This includes searches for major debt obligations, and maintenance of children by previous partners. On a darker note, we also look for evidence of violence and abuse of children. These are becoming far too common. Just because you love someone passionately is no reason not to evaluate them objectively.

Childhood and Adolescent Friends

How often don’t we hear the words, ‘so and so was doing well at school until they fell under a bad influence’, and how often don’t we read reports of child abuse by trusted family friends. These are unpleasant things although we ought not to brush them under the carpet. Background checks become essential when there is any doubt. QLD Covert Investigations can do them so subtly that the subject need never know it happened.

The First Step in the Process

The first thing to do if you suspect you have a problem is to contact QLD Covert Investigations by calling 1300 553 788, or sending us an email. The first 15 minutes of the conversation costs you nothing. At the end of it, we will know whether background checks are required.

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