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Real Infidelity Investigations

Hardly a month passes without a famous name having it blasted across the headlines owing to being unfaithful to their spouse. These much publicised media infidelity investigations are only the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes, confidential investigators like Qld Covert Investigations maintain an almost undetectable stance.

Criteria 1 – Impartiality

We believe that this is crucial.  After all, we are hardly there to sit in judgement and force matters to a conclusion. Instead, our job is to quietly and unobtrusively collect the facts in a way that the target is unaware what we are doing. After we hand our findings to our client, we consider our job to be done.

Criteria 2 – Objectivity

Our infidelity investigations begin with a suspicion on the part of a client that all is not well with their relationship. Quite often, they are correct in their assumption and require evidence to bring matters to a conclusion. In other instances their suspicions are unfounded, and they are worried about nothing concrete. We are conscious that we hold the future of relationships in our hands. We never assume guilt until this is proved beyond doubt. This is why it is so important to be unobtrusive.

Infidelity Investigations & Technology

Surveillance is at the heart of all private investigations, and there is still space for ‘sherlock holmes-type’ intuition. Beyond that, the magnifying glass has given way to forensic analysis, and the scribbled note to email or a mobile phone call. Qld Covert Investigations has built its business around electronic surveillance. However we have not forgotten the acid test of ‘who stood to benefit from that behaviour’ and ‘what would have been different if it had not happened’.

Still Not Rocket Science

It has never been our policy to hide behind smoke and mirrors, or to pretend that what we do is more complex than it really is. Infidelity investigations are a balance between perspiration and inspiration. While some clients might be able to do the job themselves if they had the time, most prefer to let our experience take over while they get on with things they are more comfortable doing.

If You Would Like Us to AssistInitiating an infidelity investigation by Qld Covert Investigations is a matter of a simple phone call to 1300 553 788, where our control room staff promise to answer promptly. If you prefer to leave a message please remember to provide contact details, and when you would like us to call you back.

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