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Tactical Security Counter Measures in the Dark Web Era

The dark web is a world of electronic intrigue on black nets, and overlay networks that require special protocols to access. From there, criminals can snipe the data of decent people, unless they have their electronic shields locked down.

This dark web is the playground of heartless hackers, and relentless phishers who anonymously attack innocent people on the light side of the web. They can spawn dark code that spreads through the internet with the speed of a spreading virus.

You must have tactical security counter measures in the dark web era, because you can catch a bug on your computer from a trusted friend. Just as you could catch the coronavirus from an innocent person you love.

What to Watch Out For On Your Digital Network

Computers, laptops, smartphones etc. have capacity to take photos, make videos, detect sounds, and send messages with appropriate hardware and software. They connect to the internet, from where a malicious message can travel to the heart of their operating systems.

Having trustworthy, relevant and up-to-date software can block or detect these messages, provided we update it on an ongoing basis. However, if it fails to initiate with a device switch-on, then we may be utterly defenceless and at risk.

A tactical security counter measure expert with IT insight can scan any internet-connected device, find hacking / phishing code, immobilise it, and destroy it. Commercial criminals know this, and that why physical cameras and microphones are still popular among information thieves.

So Traditional Bug Sweeping Is Alive and Well in These Times?

You bet it is. Tactical security counter measures in the dark web era are incomplete, without addressing hardware bugs in brick and mortar space too. However, in this instance the threat comes from people who enter your private zone from the public world, and these may be people you know.

Criminals can ‘turn them’ from your allies to your enemies by exploiting resentments, or paying large cash bribes. But they can also send you a bouquet of flowers for your birthday, with a hidden, internet-connected camera / microphone cunningly concealed.  

You may never know these bugs are there until your fortunes decline, as you start losing customers or someone hacks into your bank account.

However, you should definitely know sooner if you ask an expert to bug sweep your business premises right away. If you need help call the National Private Investigation team on 1300 553 788.

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