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Locating Missing Persons in a Wide Variety of Situations

Missing persons in Australia are as varied a breed as their intentions are to disappear. However, they spread across three broad categories. First, there are people who deliberately vanish for a variety of reasons.

Secondly, we may find ourselves locating missing persons who disappeared under the radar. The third category includes kidnapped / abducted people. However, in practice these lines often overlap in the cases we solve.

Locating Missing Persons Who Deliberately Disappear

A number of people intentionally vanish in Australia every year. Some of these are never found. However most of our cases are successful because we approach the search from the subject’s perspective. Common examples are:

  • Children who run away from home because they can’t stand being there anymore, or because they want to be with a close friend who left town
  • Spouses who decide to break up a relationship because they find their partner intolerable, or they have found someone else they prefer to live with

 Debtors who skip town because they are either unable to settle a debt, or they decide they don’t want to. Many of these are serial offenders.

Finding People Who Accidentally Broke Contact

We have a great track record for locating missing persons who accidentally fell of the radar. There are many reasons for this. However we often find ourselves working on these cases:

     School pals, special friends and jilted lovers who just want to reunite and catch up with the news

      People with brain disorders such as schizophrenia and alzheimers who wander off during a brainstorm and  
       maybe  in trouble

        People who have passed on without friends and family knowing what happened. We may find the answer in a
        tombstone but at least its closure.

Locating Missing Persons who are Kidnapped or Abducted

The lines between persuasion, seduction, abduction and kidnapping are thin and permeable. The difference is often a matter of personal view point. We have this factor uppermost in mind when hunting for people in these categories.

However, we believe the critical factor is the subject person’s feelings. Are they a willing ‘co-conspirator: But equally importantly do they understand what is really happening in the particular circumstances?

If your friend or family member disappeared without trace, then QLD Covert Investigations and there skilled team of Missing Persons Investigators in Australia can offer you peace of mind by uncovering the facts. We can’t promise you will be successfully reunited, however we could help put your mind to rest. Please call Australia 1300 553 788 if you would like to know more

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