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Surveillance in South East Queensland

Southeast Queensland hosts 75% of the population of the Sunshine State, and extends from Toowoomba in the north to Tweed Heads down south. Historically, it was the first part of Queensland to be adopted by settlers, and contains many colonial relics. Demographically speaking, the needs for private and business surveillance in South East Queensland are little different from elsewhere in Australia.

In urban and suburban areas, QLD Covert Investigations finds itself involved in a typical spread of marital disputes and commercial enquiries. Brisbane is no different from any other international business hub. We have saints and sinners. It is our job to single them out.

Rural surveillance in South East Queensland is a different matter. Extensive farms share eco space with heritage rainforests and koala bear preserves. We have spent time investigating illegal mining and land development. We were also there when wild or domestic dogs threatened the heritage we believe belongs to our children.

Disputes over farmland are becoming common as we fight over scarce resources. We have solved a number of cases involving crop encroachment and illegal grazing. In such instances, we call on our network of local land surveyors. We work with top Australian professionals in a variety of fields, to bottom out on truth the QLD Covert Investigation way.

This focus on fact is at the core of what we do seamlessly and unobtrusively. We are interested in reality, not speculation. We increasingly do our research on the internet, although from time to time we visit Queensland state archives to sift through historic records too ancient to be on the web, or even perhaps consciously omitted. Surveillance in South East Queensland is partly an art, and not entirely a science.

On occasions we work closely with South Queensland police, as they send their drones into the sky in search of covert drug cultivation and trafficking. We are part of the greater Queensland law enforcement community and may on occasion work with them on the ground. We also welcome the opportunity to add value to the work of environmental liberation efforts. This is part of our contribution to making our world a greener place to be.

Our core focus remains domestic personal and business surveillance in South East Queensland and further afield in New South Wales. Here, we apply a combination of traditional private detective methods combined with the latest advances in investigative technology. To discover more about what we are willing and ready to do for you, please call 1300 553 788 any time or post a message on our website.

QLD Covert Investigations undertakes to be your covert investigation friend no matter what you may require. Our methods are utterly discreet. Only you will ever know what we discover on your behalf.

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