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Infidelity Investigations Commoner than You Thought

Hardly a day passes without a newsworthy Australian being reported as unfaithful to their spouse or sexual partner. It follows that they are often untrue to both parties, although most times the ‘offending’ one prefers to stay low. In 2012, the Sydney Morning Herald questioned whether Australians are natural born cheaters. That was after they discovered that 400,000 of us were seeking online affairs at the time.

The fallout from exposure can be dramatic, as leaders fall from grace and lose their lifestyles. Kings, and queens and princes have been fingered, although the fuss always seems to blow over in their case. Unfaithful partners know this. Even the best infidelity investigations can fail after the trail has gone cold.

QCI Covert Investigations recommends that offended partners contact us the instant they suspect something untoward. In the early stages, they may spot leads they might overlook. as these become familiar events. The guilty party may also not have perfected their hideaways and alibis just yet. It just makes more sense to strike while the trail is hot.

The fallout from an illicit affair highlighted in a media frenzy can be equally embarrassing for the innocent party, as intimate details appear as headlines with scant regard for their rights. QCI Covert Investigations maintains utmost confidentiality during infidelity investigations. There is no third party involvement whatsoever.

Our investigative methods are utterly discreet. Our undercover operatives forward progress reports to their clients and nobody else. Our goal is to provide sufficient evidence to force a settlement out of court. Your relationship could end as ‘amicably’ as some movie star romances reputedly have been.

A behaviour shift often triggers a private investigation into a cheating spouse. This can be a change in working hours, a sudden obsession with a new hobby, or an unexpected interest in new techniques in bed. Things to watch out for include a failure to look you in the eye when answering direct questions, out of character attempts to keep phone calls private, and mailboxes hidden behind passwords.

These changed behaviour patterns can also be innocent. Your spouse may be facing increased work demands, have a genuine interest in a new pastime, or be trying to spice up flagging libido. Our infidelity investigations have two different outcomes although the benefit is similar. We clean out grey areas. Our clients have the peace of mind that comes from knowing what is going on.

We never sit in judgement over people, for that would cloud our judgement. Our clients come from all walks of life and all persuasions. Over the year, we doubt there is a single variation on the theme of cheating spouses that we have not encountered. That said, there is always a first time.

If you would like to consult an infidelity investigations specialist who could bring you peace of mind, please call Qld Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 anytime. If you find phoning complicated or inconvenient, please post your details in a webmail. We are flexible. We can meet you anywhere, at any time.

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