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Skip Tracing Debtors: An Insider View

Skip tracing debtors refers to the old adage ‘they skipped town to avoid paying the rent’ to cite one example. Nowadays we refer to it as the process for finding a person’s whereabouts. However, the searches are still commonly requested by people to whom the missing persons owe money.

Is That What Skip Tracer Does?

You’re quite correct, although the methods our private investigators use have advanced considerably since the ‘wild west days’ of the Great Depression. But QLD Covert Investigations are not the only people providing the service.

Here we think of debt collectors, bail bonds people, repossession agents, and solicitors all skip tracing debtors. In other words searching for people who owe money. We provide a similar service. Except we pitch to be faster and more affordable.

However, we also search for people who reject their families for emotional reasons, like aggrieved spouses and rebellious teenagers. And also older folk with fading memories who wander away in search of their past.

Basic Steps in Skip Tracing Debtors

We follow a logical procedure for tracing debtors, because the task is 95% solid detective / private investigation work, and only 5% inspiration:

Step One: Receive the client brief, verify the information, and probe the client for any further details.

Step Two: Collect as much additional information about the person being sought. Verify and analyse this.

Step Three: Speak to work colleagues, neighbours, friends, and family with consent and permission of the client.

Step 4: Survey credit records, social media other publicly available data bases, and any documents the skip left behind.

Step 5: Assemble the data into an information-rich profile of the missing person. Try to fill any glaring gaps in the data.

From there on, it is a matter of using private investigator experience, and gut feel acquired over decades as a team. We may also on occasion obtain access to other data in our capacity of licensed private investigators.

You are Quite Correct. Skip Tracing is Not Rocket Science

There is no ‘magic potion / miracle cure’ to skip tracing debtors. Although we do have the advantage of being ‘strangers’ operating under cover. If you have a missing person you need traced, it may make sense to contract a competent person to do the leg work for you.

QLD Covert Investigations is active throughout Queensland, and greater Australia. We are a phone call away at 1300 553 788 or 0401 553 551. Phone us now, and we won’t charge for first 15 minute review. Or leave a message at our website explaining how we can be of assistance.

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