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Can You Avoid the Need for Bug Sweep Services?

Nowadays we are so well geared to protect ourselves against computer spyware, we almost forget the need for bug sweep services. Perhaps we should think again, because we are not only sharing information when we are on our computers.  We could give away our precious passwords during idle chatter on a phone, to a criminal listening in. It is also not inconceivable that they could video us while we are typing it. Okay fair enough we hear you say, but why can’t my own people do the checks?

DIY Surveillance Versus Hiring Bug Sweep Services In

Sure, you could upskill your admin people, and purchase half-decent equipment on the internet. Although this might distract them from their normal duties, and the equipment would not come cheap. Here’s how they could go about this if you decide to:

  • First, they would need to take a careful look around your entire premises.  Has anything changed recently? Do you have a logical answer for a piece of furniture moving elsewhere, a trained eye could spot a change …
  • And what about the office modems and computers? Do you really know where the spaghetti bundle of cables are going to, and what they do?  While we’re at it, perhaps it’s time to implement a policy on what’s allowed in the office …
  • Oh, and yes if you’re using central WI-FI, when last did you check your log-on controls are intact? But if they are, this ought not to be the end of your in-house protection program, by far …

You Need to Check for Independent Alien Devices Too

The chances are excellent your intruder already knows those tricks, and installed bugging devices that operate independently. You are most unlikely to be able to detect these with the naked eye. Most transmit simultaneously online and you can’t rewind time …

You would need to purchase quite advanced radio frequent detection equipment, to pick up the locations these devices are sending from. But what would happen if the person tracking them were a trusted employee? There is value in hiring an independent agent!

Time to Check What Bug Sweep Services Cost

The question really is should you afford to take a chance with your company’s critical information? When QLD’s bug sweep services could cost you considerably less than you expect, and their delivery is fast and impeccable too?

There’s only one way to get an accurate answer to those questions we asked. And that’s to pick up your phone and call QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 in Australia.  And receive an honest answer to the most important question you could ask this week.

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