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Private Investigators help find missing persons

An honest answer to the question, “why use a private investigator to find a missing person” could be because we are more focussed, and solve cases.

Why Use a Private Investigator to Find a Missing Person

After our first initial telephone conversation, people commonly ask us, why use a private investigator to find a missing person. Surely, they reason, I can do this myself now that everything is on the internet. Moreover, aren’t the police supposed to investigate crimes? The reality is different. Although the police investigate crimes, going missing is not a criminal offence in itself. Although they may look for a missing person if they suspect they committed a crime, of course.

How Finding Missing People is Not a Priority Police Matter

Finding people who are missing is therefore a low police priority, although they will list the case on their database if the public ask them. They have, let us face it priorities of higher importance, including national security and drug trafficking. An honest answer to the question, why use a private investigator to find a missing person could be because we are more focussed. After all, in many cases missing people turn up after a few days, but a stubborn 5% never do.

How We Make Finding Missing People our Business

Our agency attends to several hundred missing persons cases every year. We solve around 96% of these. Some are a few streets away from their last known address, some are in prisons and hospitals, and some unfortunately died. Some are delighted we cared enough to look for them. Others, especially delinquent debtors are not pleased at all.

We crack most of our cases digitally. Either on the web or in searches in databases we are privy to. This is the easy part, and because we charge by the hour, our clients benefit. In other cases, we use more time-consuming methods that can take us to remote locations far away from our desks.

We follow every clue, even going from door to door questioning neighbours, and combing through court records. When you ask, why use a private investigator to find a missing person our answer is “because this is our role, and to us it is more than just a job”.

Why Use a Private Investigator Like QLD Covert Investigations

We are a government licensed, trusted provider of confidential private inquiries. We have an industry reputation of solving cases in a discreet, professional manner. We are a team with twelve years’ experience, and with the resources to take on cases throughout Australia, and on occasions beyond.

You should speak to QLD Covert Investigations first if you need honest advice fast Call us on 1300 553 788 now for a free initial conversation over the phone.
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