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How to Decide Whether You Need a TSCM Investigator Service

When Sherlock Holmes focussed a pair of giant binoculars to spy on his rival Professor Moriarty, he was using cutting-edge technology for that time. If that ‘Napoleon of Crime’ has been more alert, he might have recognized the great detective by his signature curved briar pipe.

Nowadays technical surveillance takes place remotely using electronic technology. If you think somebody is watching you through ‘digital binoculars’, here is how to determine whether you might benefit from the services of a TSCM investigator.

Key Clues Suggesting You Need the Services of a TSCM Investigator or Bug Sweeper

The abbreviation TSCM is short for ‘technical surveillance counter-measures’. It dates from the First Cold War, when the USSR and U.S. were searching for every possible clue concerning what the other was doing. As we write, the process is continuing.

Clones of their spy-versus-spy technical surveillance and countermeasure equipment are freely available on the internet. In the right hands, they work well. As a result, our innermost digital secrets are wide open to snooping, unless we take effective countermeasures but how do we know?

The Answer Is Our Digital Information Being Used Against Us

Bill Gates and the Internet took care of hand-written diaries, and box files we could lock in the safe. Our personal and business information is now on our phones, our tablets, our laptops, our desktops, our servers, on clouds, and on social media too. A  bug sweeper or TSCM investigator could do a survey and tell you where it is. Then he could remove it from unprotected sites, and improve security protocols where it remained.

You will know you need this service if you start losing long-term clients to your competition, or if you find a device awoke while you were fast asleep. You will also know you are at risk, if you start getting spam mails wanting you to click through to sites that turn out to be clones.

People are losing money daily because they have not requested financial institutions to send notifications, or fail to read them through to the end. If your spouse starts acting oddly and cancels marital privileges, then someone, somewhere may have told her something about you, you thought was secret.

Consider Asking a TSCM Investigator to Do a Survey of Your Data

Many passwords are ages old, and we half forget them because we rely on password sites to autofill them for us. Call 1300 553 788 for a free confidential discussion with our TSCM investigator. They will tell you confidentially if you are at risk. Please email Qld Covert Investigations at this secure address if you prefer to remain anonymous at this stage.

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