Personal or Business Background Checks – Are They a Good Idea
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Personal or Business Background Checks – Are They a Good Idea

From where QLD Covert Investigations sits, we would say definitely, and that is not just because we want the business. At least half the cases we accept might have been avoidable had the aggrieved party done a background check before jumping in blindfolded. We are not kidding. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

Partner Infidelity is as good as any place to start. In our experience, there are two categories of lovers: those who prefer a single partner, and those who play around. We have yet to come across a person with itchy feet who has not strayed before. A simple background investigation is all that is necessary to determine the likelihood of future infidelity. Unless, that is, you too blinded by undying love to take things seriously.

Child Abuse is a tragedy that is happening far too often in our lovely land. Two indicators stand out in police reports from all around the world. Child abusers have often had the same experience when they were young, and consider it normal behaviour. They are also serial offenders. Take your eye off them and they strike again. Do a background check before you take on a new partner to help you raise your children.

Partnership Fraud is surprisingly common across Australia, although the victims seldom report it because they are too embarrassed. Business relationships are as complex as love affairs. The parties often enter into them as if in a dream or on a whim. The thought of a background inquiry seldom appeals to them. The excitement of the moment is everything.

Employee Problems – QLD Covert Investigations believes firmly in doing background checks before employing anybody, and we believe ours are the most extensive in practice anywhere. A good employee is a treasure, while a bad one becomes an insider threat of anything from industrial espionage to highway robbery. It is far easier to investigate and turn down an applicant, than to terminate an awkward relationship later.

So yes, we do believe there is merit in doing personal and business background checks in every instance where the other party is a stranger. The process can be complex, especially since guilty parties become adept at cloaking past misdemeanours. QLD Covert Investigations retains a team of dedicated professionals who have built a career by specialising in background probes.

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