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Do Tactical Security Counter Measures Apply to Your Business

At first glance, ninety-nine percent of QLD Covert Investigation clients are surprised we even ask the question of them. After all, tactical security counter measures (TSCM) traditionally belong in the shadowy world of international power balances. When we follow up by asking how secure their data is, they shuffle their feet and admit their computer security could be better.

As we rely more and more on computers as data repositories and virtual desks, increasingly crucial key information gets loaded onto them. This may include strategic plans, client and supplier lists, banking details, pin codes, family photos and confidential emails. Once someone with a questionable motive accesses your data, there is no way of knowing what will happen next until it does.

Malicious hackers can also make your life a misery. Tricks of their dark trade include attaching inappropriate images to outgoing emails, sending viruses to your contacts, corrupting your data, and even erasing your files and internal back-ups too. There are few more frustrating things than firing up a computer and discovering someone turned it into a pile of junk. If you do not have a defence strategy in place, you should start thinking about implementing tactical security counter measures soon.

Live voice data can also be incredibly sensitive, especially when something you thought was confidential becomes public knowledge. Phone taps attached to landline cables and bugs in conference rooms are no longer the stuff of James Bond movies. When last did you wonder whether the contractor painting out your office was trustworthy or not.

In the conventional military sense, tactical security counter measures are “those protective activities required to prevent espionage, sabotage, theft, or unauthorized use of classified or controlled information, systems, or material”. At QLD Covert Investigations, we go to extreme lengths to ring-fence all client information, and constantly monitor for attempted intrusions. We also regularly sweep our premises using advanced state-of-art equipment, and techniques we prefer not to mention here.

Our one hundred per cent success rate inspired us to create a separate tactical security department, which we staffed up with the finest electronic technicians we could find. Our service includes:

*  Preliminary risk-assessment conference

*  Background check on key staff

*  Comprehensive survey of your premises

*  Elimination of all viruses

*  Debugging of all electronic equipment

*  Disablement of all tapping devices

*  Report back and documentation

By now you are probably wondering whether you can afford this. We concede the exercise does not come cheap, because it is labour-intensive at advanced skill levels. It is however hugely less expensive than the potential consequences of a lack of tactical security counter measures we mentioned earlier. Think of it as data insurance you should afford.

To explore these measures further please call 1300 553 788 during office hours, to arrange a half-hour voice conference with a tactical security counter measures specialist. If your concern cannot wait until the morning, please send us a web-based message and tell us what is worrying you.

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