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Missing Persons: Finding Family, Friends & Debtors

Tens of thousands of Australians ‘fall off the radar’ every year. Ninety-five percent of them resurface within a few days or weeks. The remaining missing persons may be family, friends, or debtors, but they all have one thing in common. They leave a hole behind them we find difficult to fill, and we never really give up hope of trying.Missing persons often leave their assets behind in suspension, until a competent court presumes they have passed away based on evidence before it. Meanwhile, family members depending on them for support may have to rely on others for assistance. Many businesses have gone into liquidation because of money owed by missing debtors. [ Visit this website ]

The Tragedy of Missing Children

While our hearts may yearn for missing friends who vanished, children who do not return cause the greatest heartache. There are many reasons why they become missing persons, of which the most statistically relevant are running away, forced abduction, injury, and illness.

We should never give up trying to find them, no matter how desperate the situation. The Australian Police try their best under difficult circumstances. They do not have the capacity to find all missing persons, be they family, friends or debtors. The country is just too big for their resources.

The Limitations of Missing Person Boards

Most of the several hundred adult missing people QLD Covert Investigations has found, did not view themselves as having disappeared when found. They were too busy re-establishing themselves to worry about their friends and family, because they were no longer central in their minds. This is why posting details on missing person boards has such a low success rate.

The Advantages of Using an Investigator

A dedicated private investigator stands the best chance of finding missing people, and we have the records to substantiate it. We believe the primary reasons for our success are:

  • Specialized training and experience of working with missing persons
  •  An extensive network of professional contacts in Australia and beyond
  • Capacity to focus on a missing person case, and attend to all the leads
  • Diplomatic skills when it is time for a missing person to come home
  • Professional debt recovery services after locating an absconded debtor

How to Obtain Professional Assistance

Finding missing family members and friends, and tracing defaulting debtors, is an acquired skill backed by determination to succeed. Please call 1300 553 788 to arrange a confidential interview. Alternatively, please send us an email and we will call you back at the time of day that suits you best.

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