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Bug Sweeps – Is Your Home or Office Bugged?

At least two types of bugs are unwelcome in our offices and homes. The ones we are thinking of are termites and woodborers, and electronic devices that eavesdrop on what we say and do. Essentially, these are tiny microphones and cameras with Internet capability to transmit the data live to a remote listening point. When they are in place, your home or office is said to have been bugged. Read more > http://www.auscovertinvestigations.com.au/bug-sweeping/

A decade ago this equipment was under tight control, and generally only available to professional investigators and police. The arrival of ecommerce portals such as EBay and the like has opened up ecommerce to the extent that anybody can sell virtually anything to whoever they like, and bypass customer controls by using the post service.

Warning Signs Your Home or Office May be Bugged

These devices have flooded the Australian market, and many are copies of military grade equipment. If someone with bad intentions can access your home or office surreptitiously, they can place microphones and cameras in places where you might never think to look. Here are some warning signs your home or office may have listening devices fitted

  • When you return to your office or home the furniture is slightly moved
  • You find appliances unplugged and notice the cover plates are crooked
  • Private information you thought secret suddenly becomes public knowledge
  • Your personal or business partner mentions things they should not know
  • Your fixed line or mobile beeps, you answer, but there is nobody there
  • The volume on your phone fluctuates or you hear a regular clicking round
  • You notice an unknown vehicle parked nearby in the street for long periods

Your Home or Office May Be Bugged: Take Urgent Action.

Take defensive action immediately. Cease all activities you would not like to see on video. Leave your phones behind and hold private conversations in public spaces. Buy a new phone and sim and call QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 urgently, making sure you cannot be overheard. Our skilled operatives work around the clock and will help you peace of mind with our professional electronic security and private investigations services.

Tell no one what is happening while we are investigating, because there is strong chance you know the person spying on you, and the goal is to find them so you can take appropriate action. Make notes of all the possibilities spinning in your head and share them with us. You are safe in our hands. After our bug sweepers have visited your home or office, it will no longer have any bugs.  

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