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Managing the Estates of Missing Persons While You Search

Missing persons often vanish in an instant, while the rest of the world continues on as before. Their financial affairs include any annuity income and any outstanding debts. It’s a similar situation to when a loved one dies, except it often takes longer to tie up the legal loose ends.

 The secret to managing the estates of missing persons is clearly thoroughness and diligence. We are experienced, licensed private detectives geared to help.

Looking After a Missing Person’s Financial Interests

The financial interests of missing persons may include a property they were renting, and any assets they left behind there. They most likely also have retail accounts, bank accounts, and perhaps mortgages too. Perhaps they left beloved pets behind. Family and friends have the sad task of sorting these out while they continue searching and hoping.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea for partners to exchange back-to-back powers of attorney, as this simplifies matters greatly. If not, the one remaining behind may have a difficult, frustrating task. This is because privacy protection laws discourage financial institutions from disclosing personal information.

It’s important to avoid inadvertently breaching the law in the process of breaking through this logjam. Queensland has unfortunately not yet put a law in place allowing a missing person’s loved one to become the custodian of their estate. However, you may be able to find ways to manage things while you work through the coronial process.

The Coronial Process: How It Works in Queensland

Recourse can be made to a coroner to have a missing person declared presumed deceased. They must however have vanished “under accidental, unexplained, or suspicious circumstances, and there is belief the person may be deceased.” The Australian Federal Police advise the first task of the coroner is to determine whether all reasonable steps have been taken to find them.

If a reasonable time has elapsed and all avenues have been explored, the corner has the power to declare the missing person ‘presumed deceased’ and issue a certificate. Their lawful heir(s) or next of kin can then begin to wind the estate down and distribute the assets.

How QLD Covert Investigations Assists with Missing Persons Cases

The secret to managing the estates of missing persons is clearly thoroughness and diligence. We are experienced, licensed private detectives. We solve most of our missing person cases in a few days. We are also part of a broader network of private detectives that spreads out right across Australia.

On the relatively rare occasions we are unsuccessful, our reports stand up well in the coroner’s court because of our exceptional reputation across Queensland. You can call us right now on 1300 553 788, or post a confidential message on the QLD Covert Investigations website providing the necessary details.

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