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Does Infidelity Surveillance Belong in a Modern World?

Infidelity is increasing yet there is proof that committed relationships still exist. Thus infidelity surveillance has a role to play despite social change.

Does Infidelity Surveillance Belong in a Modern World?

Psychology Today surveyed 3,400 people to find out what they thought about unfaithfulness in relationships. Some 90% thought it was ‘acceptable”. Despite this, only 20 to 40% of males, and 10 to 25% of females actually do it. This is up on a decade ago yet proof that committed relationships still exist. This in turn suggests that infidelity surveillance has a role to play despite social change.

What Infidelity Surveillance Reveals about Partners

We don’t suppose many adulterers go out of their way to hurt their partners. For them, cheating is like a joyous romp in the park with a new lover who is often a colleague. They experience feelings of renewal, rejuvenation and joy. The problems of making reparations later seldom cross their minds.

Infidelity surveillance often reveals a totally different picture of the cheated-on partner. They feel the joy has been sucked out of their lives as if the air has been punched out of their lungs. The relationship rapidly descends into a chaos of shouting fights neither partner ever wanted. The betrayed one wants their pound of flesh, their ‘just revenge’.

The Sweeter Alternative Could Be to Nip it in the Bud

With hindsight it’s often easy to recall the warning signs. A partner seemingly more aware of their appearance and staying later at work may be the first indication. If their behaviour and interests change then it’s time to take steps to reclaim your rights, but how can you be sure.

Our discreet infidelity surveillance knows how to spot playful flirtation spinning out into romance. There not always sex involved. The cheating partner may just be looking for the emotional support they used to get at home, but has dried up as passion turned to friendship.

Perhaps There is Something You Could Do Right Now

It’s not that difficult to take defensive action against things going further. You must provide the loving support at home your partner is getting elsewhere. After all, you do have the distinct advantage of sharing a long-term relationship, and developing so much in common.

QLD Covert Investigations has a team of infidelity surveillance specialists who know how to spot the warning signs the excitement is draining away. It takes two to tango. The aggrieved partner may be the root cause, not their partner’s wandering eye.

We don’t charge for a first half hour discussion on the phone. We are far more interested in helping you recover the situation you may be in right now. You can call us on 0401 553 551 if you can’t be overheard. Alternatively, while not google us a message from your phone when you are at work.

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