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Is Someone Listening In? TSCM Could Sweep the Bugs Away

Technical surveillance has come a long way since the legendary Sherlock Holmes examined evidence through a magnifying glass while sucking on his iconic pipe. Technology has developed to the point where someone remote can turn our cell phones into bugs, and an innocent gift of flowers can become a camera. That is when TSCM – Bug Sweeping becomes the only known solution short of burning the building down.

The outward signs of successful bugging are not difficult to detect, although they may take a while to materialise. An aggrieved partner in a divorce case may reveal intimate secrets he or she could only know if they (or their bug) were present at the time.

A stranger may mysteriously be able to log into a bank account. A competitor may release an identical product a week before our launch. With spying technology almost everything is possible, and technical surveillance counter-measures the known way to counter it.

TSCM – Bug Sweeping Defined

TSCM – or technical surveillance counter measures – came to the front in World War 2 when the parties to the hostility were desperate to know what the others were doing. The British Enigma Machine was a notable success that shortened the war by a year by cracking German U-Boat signal codes

Surveillance techniques became more and more elaborate in the Cold War game of ‘spy versus spy’ that followed. Almost inevitably, most of these have been cloned and are available on the dark side of the internet to those who know where to look. QLD Covert Investigations has a number of technical surveillance counter measure tools with power to scan for these bugs, and disable them or remove them.

When is TSCM – Bug Sweeping Indicated?

This is a tough one to call. Ideally we should sweep for bugs the moment they are installed, but that is often impractical because there may be no way of knowing. The best approach is a risk assessment followed by the actions it suggests. We offer such a service, to minimise risk and reinforce peace of mind.

If there is information about your business or your personal life that could cause you great harm if revealed, then we urge you to speak us on 1300 553 788 or email Prevention is essential especially as there is no undo button. We have Private Investigators and  Securitry advisers on call to help you now.
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