Helping Lawyers and Finance Companies Locate Debtors with Skip Tracing
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Helping Lawyers and Finance Companies Locate Debtors with Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the art of finding someone who vanished with someone else’s money or possessions. The first U.S. private detectives were gun-toting cowboys, riding posse to track down bank robbers who skipped town with the loot after robbing a bank. They were expert trackers capable of picking up clues from crushed leaves and broken twigs. They could trace a missing person without any of the technical advantages we have.

That same digital technology has become of powerful weapon in the form of cyber thieves who change identities at the click of a mouse. QLD Covert Investigations has a successful record of tracking down debtors on behalf of finance companies and lawyers. We owe our success to meticulously considering every shred of evidence, just like those possies did in the days of the Wild West.

Using Skip Tracing to Find People for Lawyers and Finance Companies

We begin by gathering every shred of evidence of the person wanted. Much of this is already on databases potentially around the world, and this speeds things up.  We are interested in every detail: the subjects they excelled in at high school, their dates and lovers, the places where they lived and worked, even the cars they owned. Every piece of the skip tracing jigsaw puzzle is a clue to where they went after they disappeared, and where they might be now.

Much of this evidence is duplication from several sources, while some of the rest is hearsay or speculation without substantiation. The file we are building, to locate a debtor for a finance company or lawyer is much thinner after culling, but what remains are reliable clues.

Creating a Persona of the Missing Person

We begin by analysing the physical appearance of the person who vanished, trying to look forward to the current year if the photos are dated. Next, we gather information about their value systems, because we know that when we find them they will be with likeminded persons. Experience has taught us they may have returned to a town or city where they were previously happy, and may even be working in a similar role. After that, we visit prioritised locations and quite frequently spot them easily.

Would You Like to Ask Us for Advice

We have used our skip tracing techniques in a wide variety of circumstances, and our clients have not only been finance companies and lawyers. QLD Covert Investigations has found children, parents, employees, employees, partners, and lovers. If you find yourself in a situation where skip tracing could help find someone you are searching, for please call 1300 553 788 for free initial consultutation.

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