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How a TSCM Investigator Counters Electronic Surveillance

If you suspect a rogue broker is snooping for your ideas to sell to someone later, you need assistance from an Australian TSCM investigator. Call 1300 553 788 now.  

You can buy last year’s military-grade bugs on the internet if you know where to look. Slightly more dated equipment is available on EBay, Amazon, and Taobao and it works extremely well. Hence, there is no need for your competition or life partner to bug you with substandard equipment. Our TSCM investigator knows this, but they have the most sophisticated equipment with them as countermeasure.

Reasons Why You Should Be Alert to Technical Surveillance

On a personal level, somebody may want to catch you out doing something they could blackmail you over later. They might, for instance want to exert pressure on you to drop an important contract. Your life partner may have developed an obsession you are being unfaithful. True or not, suspecting someone is shadowing you produces a creepy feeling because you can no longer be yourself.

However, it is far more likely to be a business competitor bent on obtaining your valuable information. They could be recording those long conversations you have with your developer, or product prototype team. Intellectual property theft is big business. A rogue broker could be snooping for your ideas to sell to someone later. If you suspect this is happening, you need assistance from a TSCM investigator now.

Exploring the Role of the TSCM Investigator in More Depth

The abbreviation TSCM is short for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. Technical surveillance includes any form of remote observation using technology, so a ‘broad church’ indeed. Counter measures are anything we do to frustrate this, whether through human intervention or counter-technology blocking.

I Have Heard About Electronic Bug Sweeps. Is this the Same Thing?

Partly yes: electronic bugs are physical devices placed in a target’s space to see and listen to what they do. They transmit what they detect over a high-frequency signal. By the time we find them, they may have already done their damage. Hence, it follows that sensitive sites need regular bug sweeps to keep them clean

With your permission, and upon out appointment our TSCM investigator could visit your premises after hours, and conduct a thorough surveillance for signals. They could also detect the devices because they have batteries, and batteries emit low-level interference. Our TSCM equipment is sensitive. If there is a bug on your premises, the chances are excellent we will find it.

Please Contact Qld Investigations Right Away If You Have Concerns

Our TSCM investigator rates are low compared to the potential magnitude of your information loss, and the long-term damage this could cause you. Please call us on 1300 553 788 or leave a message on our secure website. We do not charge for initial confidential phone consultation. See it as our investment in your safe future.

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