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Five Steps to Choosing a Missing Person Investigator

Words are cheap. If a company claims to be the top missing person investigator and detective in Brisbane, Gold Coast we recommend you look for impartial evidence of this. Any private eye worth their salt should have no difficulty commenting on these five criteria.

 1. Professional Recognition

The Queensland Government grants private investigator licences to those who complete prescribed training courses and are not guilty of disqualifying offences. Although this is a good start, it is no guarantee of quality of delivery. By contrast, membership of the Australian Institute of Private Detectives AIPD requires compliance with a code of ethics that adds an overlay of value every Brisbane private investigator should have

2. Success Rate

A missing person investigator and detective in Brisbane, Gold Coast delivers a crucial service by reuniting distressed families. These depend on them and hang on their every word. Any claim to being a top provider needs buttressing with hard evidence of success. Ask how many cases they have solved and what success rate this represents. Then compare this with others you are considering. Do not rush into a decision.

3. Depth of Services

Finding missing persons in Australia requires a multi-factorial approach that draws on a variety of different disciplines. Examples are:

  • In depth interviews with all stakeholders 
  • Background checks of those potentially involved 
  • Detailed analysis of computer and mobile data
  •  Networking with associates across Australia

A dependable missing person investigator and detective in Brisbane, Gold Coast must have all these tools and more. We cannot overemphasise the need to research options and compare.

4.  Feel Good Factor

When you work closely with a missing persons investigator you may find yourself opening up your soul, as they probe your inner recesses to unearth how the person vanished, which is the first part of finding them. You must be able to relate to the detective and trust them totally. If not, then with respect we suggest you keep on looking.

 5.  Availability

A missing person investigator and detective in Brisbane, Gold Coast works undercover and follows the trail where it leads. Make sure they have an operations manager that you can contact at any time of day and night. The thought that suddenly came to you could be the vital clue that has been missing. You must be able to pass the information on immediately.

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