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Australian Businesses Face Increased Threats

If you need a private detective Brisbane has any number of them. Like doctors, attorneys and accountants, not all offer the same level of personal attention. Many are falling behind in the battle to counter sophisticated criminals. Australians are discovering they need to be more discerning in those they choose

Where Clients Are Looking For

The best Brisbane private eyes are members of the Australian Institute of Private Detectives. This is no easy matter. The criteria are unrelenting. Membership is tiered and there are strict requirements in the code of conduct. Qld Covert Investigations are full members, and part of the larger QCI Group of Companies.

This is your guarantee of substance when you hire us. As an added bonus, we now collaborate with sister companies Missing Persons in Australia and Qld Diamond Security when circumstances indicate a broader approach. This is why we say with confidence “hire us, and your problems will go away”.

Challenges a Private Detective Brisbane Faces

We live in an increasingly sophisticated world. The cell phones we scarcely knew twenty years ago are as familiar to our pockets as our wallets and our keys. Our motor cars steer us out of trouble and we have concert-hall sound in our homes. The world has gone electronic. Unfortunately, the criminal world has followed suit.

Modern private eyes must be as adept at countering electronic fraud, as their predecessors once were hunting down bank robbers. The connectivity of the Internet has many attendant risks:

  • Phishers are constantly on the prowl for user names and passwords
  • The insider threat has increased exponentially through computerisation
  • Hidden cameras and microphones are turning offices into public space

Qld Covert Investigations are constantly exploring ingenious ways to counter these emerging threats. Some say we are the cutting edge. We do not debate this. Our technology is privy to us and far from the reach of criminals. If you need a private detective Brisbane offers many choices. We invite you to choose us, and experience the difference when you do.

The Way a Modern Detective Operates

We do not believe in gimmicks such as refund guarantees and discounts. These are ploys of companies trying to manage cash flow. Our approach is different. We sift through our potential clients during initial discussions that come completely free. If we believe that we can help them, we quote to do so. If we believe the prospects of success are marginal, we are decent enough to say so.

While we operate undercover and few people even know of us, we remain contactable day and night so you can call on us instantly. If your need is urgent please phone 1300 553 788 right now. If your requirement is longer term and more measured, then leave a detailed message on our website. That way, the right operative can call you at the time and date you select.

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