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Finding Missing Persons Australia Families Mourn

People go missing every day in Australia. In New South Wales, for example that can be as many as 200 every week. Almost all of them, at least 90% return to where they belong within five days. We help find the remaining missing persons Australia cannot forget. This is a time-consuming task, so we encourage new clients to try these tips first.

Tips for Finding Missing Persons Australia Wide


There’s no need to wait for time to pass before making your report. That because the police regard a missing person as anyone whose whereabouts are unknown. Or anyone who has genuine fears for their safely, or concerns for their welfare.

If you feel that way, then the police are there to help. Going missing is not a crime in Australia even if the person escaped prison. However, do remember the official who logs your case will seldom become the case officer. So make sure you provide each and every detail of your missing person in Australia, including the following.

  • Full name and date of birth, physical description and / or recent photo.
  • Mobile phone contacts, social media accounts, vehicle registration.
  • A comprehensive list of family, friends, and any locations you can think of.
  • Your personal thoughts, ideas, suspicions, when / where you last met.
  • Anything you know about their physical health, any mental / dementia issues.


The police can only do their best. Help them in their task by activating your own networks. Search the area where you last saw your missing person. Australia is a vast country but they could also be ‘just around the corner’.

Speak to other people who knew them, including colleagues at work. Put up posters with photos in public places your missing person frequented. Check the space carefully where they lived. You will never know what is there until you look.

When to Speak to QLD Covert Investigations

We recommend you speak to us right away if you have grounded concerns for your loved one’s personal safety. However, if they were in good mental and physical health when you last saw them, you might like to hold off for a week. That’s in case they are part of the 90% who turn up within a few days.

But if they don’t, we would love to add the name of your loved one to the list of people we have found. Even after the police shrugged their shoulders, and sadly told you ‘It’s too late, the trail has gone cold’.

QLD Covert Investigations has reunited some of Australia’s missing people with their families months, even years after they disappeared. Call us at 0401 553 551, or you can email us now without delay.

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