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Desktop Background Investigations Play a Central Role

When Sherlock Holmes was stalking criminals in Arthur Conan Doyle’s days, a magnifying glass, stout walking shoes, and a bloodhound were his stock in trade. That made sense because all evidence was physical, and they had not invented computers yet.

Many QLD Covert Investigations clients traded their walking boots since then, for a Saturday afternoon watching sport on television.  Meanwhile our private investigators continue with desktop background investigations as they have for two decades.

Most Assignments Begin with Desktop Background Investigations

Society migrated from analogue telephones and lever arch files, to digital devices and internet connections over those twenty years. There is hardly a scrap of data about us not residing on a server somewhere. A surprising amount of this information is on public domain sites and social media.  This has become a virtual gold mine!

That’s why almost all our investigative assignments begin with desktop background investigations by virtual data specialists. They use the opportunity to uncover as much information as they can, as quickly as possible to gain a head start on their quarry. And that’s extremely important so they can follow their trail while it is still warm.

Many QLD Covert Investigations Continue that Way

We are able to solve a good third of our cases using desktop background investigations, and little else. Although tactical countermeasure, and missing person cases still require some feet on the ground to gather physical clues. Internet research and remote computer studies really are a rich store of data!

They enable us to quickly asses the future risk associated with the project, and rapidly develop profiles of key players. Moreover we can confirm many of the facts our clients provide, without the target being aware we are doing this.

Why Do I Need You? Why Can’t I Do This Myself?

You probably could if you had loads of time, and your need was not urgent. But could the case you are thinking of wait several weeks, when QLD Covert Investigations solves two third of all queries in a couple of days. Besides, our data miners have several decades of experience between them, and experience counts.

Why Not Consider Whether QLD Covert Investigations Could Help

Our assignments kick off with a preview meeting, to scope the project and agree the price. You could leave a message on our website, send an email to our operations manager, or call Queensland 0401 553 551 right away. We won’t charge for a 30 minute conversation when you call us first. This is all part of our friendly service ensuring ongoing referrals.

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