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Bug Sweeps & Dealing With The ‘New Normal’

We really do seem to have traded in our privacy for technology. Every week brings fresh news of hacks in ‘cyberspace’, not to mention the Russians allegedly interfering with American politics. Fortunately for us, our banks generally manage to protect our data with cyber bug sweeps, and we have passwords to ring fence our information too.

 However, you are largely on your own when it comes to sensitive business information held at your premises. Unless we employ the services of a bug sweeps specialist, we could be at the mercy of a data hacking expert. That expert could be working for;

*  A key competitor wanting to know about your customers on account

*  A business partner you thought you could trust siphoning investment funds

*   An aggrieved employee seeking information about a disciplinary hearing

*  A key competitor wanting to rob you of your R & D intellectual property

More Good Reasons to Consider Regular Bug Sweeps

Bug sweeps, or technical surveillance counter measures are exactly that. They detect, counter, and eliminate technological intrusions into business space. Most intruders use a device (bug) to capture and send video, data, or voice information to third parties over the airwaves.

These ‘bugs’ are freely available on big internet malls like EBay and Amazon. The really potent ones on the ‘dark side’ of the internet are as good as those national security agencies use. A skilled operator could trace them with a radio frequency receiver. However, they must have workarounds for bandwidth switches and short duration transmissions in order to succeed.

Why Do I Need You When I Could Do My Own Bug Sweeps?

That is a good question! At QLD Covert Investigations, we constantly help business people become more independent in terms of data security. That is why we are writing this post, and why we have this blog. We have seen reasonably effective kit for bug sweeps on EBay and Amazon too. You just need to answer the question, whether you want to involve yourself in this field.

Important Aspects We Consider When Doing Bug Sweeps

We deploy advanced technical surveillance counter measures in QLD Covert Investigations. We do bug sweeps in the daytime when the devices are active. Our bug sweepers are sensitive enough to ‘hear past’ the electrical noise that computers and photocopiers generate. Please contact us to learn more about this topic 1300 553 788. We could help you quickly with your bug sweeps should you decide to entrust us with the task. 

More information on Bug Sweeeps / TSCM 


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