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Bug Sweeping and Other TSCM Strategies

Bug sweeping is an established technical surveillance counter measure in the private detective’s toolkit. Other TSCM categories include active awareness, counter bugging the offender, and even surreptitiously following them about their business. However today we focus on bug sweeping itself, in other words uncovering static eavesdropping devices.

Bug Sweeping Is a Core TSCM Line of Attack

Audio and visual snooping devices are quite common nowadays during corporate legal battles, divorce proceedings, and custody disputes. Their direct evidence may be inadmissible in courts. However, this almost inevitably opens windows to opportunity.

Many clients contact us after they notice their private information is in the public domain. An example of this could be several clients mentioning they are receiving third party marketing, on the private mail boxes they shared.

What do These Bugging Devices Look Like?

Bugging devices are sound recorders / micro cameras with ability to stream to remote points continuously. They are small enough to conceal readily in cars, offices, and even bedrooms. If you have one snooping on you right now, then all your defences could be peeled away.

Bug sweeping, or finding and destroying those devices is the most effective form of counter attack. QLD Covert Investigations has trained operatives with latest technical surveillance counter measure equipment. Call 0401 553 551 now if you need advice.

What Happens During a TSCM / Bug Sweeping Exercise?

We conduct our investigations outside business hours. That’s because it is not unknown for employees to plant bugging devices, and we want the exercise to be confidential.

One of our TSCM specialists will scan every nook and cranny of your installation. If you were present, you would be impressed by their array of frequency scanners, multi meters, non-linear junction detectors, phone wiretaps, and spectrum analysers.

You could watch in amazement as they scan every square meter of your building, including storerooms, basements and ducts as necessary. Not to mention every scrap of electrical / digital equipment, and even the water cooler and pot plants.

Surely I Could Just Take Look Around Myself?

In theory you could, if you had loads of time and similar equipment. However, you might overlook the obvious, for lack of experience. and mistakenly believe you had no bug, while it quietly continued spying on your business or family.

Call QLD Covert Investigations 0401 553 551 for more information, or write to mailto:gm@qldcovertpi.com.au on our private network server. TSCM bug sweeping is an affordably effective way to restore your right to your privacy.

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