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4 Top Warning Signs Associated With Infidelity In Women

Do you know the red flags to be on the lookout for when someone is being unfaithful?

 Knowing what to watch out for can end up saving you a lot of time, money and heartache.

 As a result, there are many smartphone apps, blog posts, websites, and articles that are focused entirely on catching people that are cheating “in the act”.

 In fact, a basic Google search for “cheating wife”, for example, will bring up hundreds if not thousands of different results which will range from ads for a divorce lawyer to angry anecdotes.

According to the significant number of sites that claim that they can assist you in proving your wife or girlfriend’s infidelity, you may be under the impression that all marriages are doomed to fail. Yet most spouses will remain faithful and true. At the same time there are just as many that easily break the vows they made when they got married which includes “Until death do us part”.

So if you’re thinking of hiring a professional service with proven results at catching out cheaters, or you’re looking to figure out the signs that show cracks appearing in a marriage or relationship, here’s what to know. 

It’s easier than ever to have an affair

One of the main reasons for an increase in cheating has to do with how easy it is today to enter into an affair. Social media is one of the best sources you can use to keep regular contact with siblings that live on the other side of the world or country, yet it is also an easy place to exchange those sexy and erotic pictures and messages with your illicit lover.

 The channels which help these adulterers to hook up with a lover can also be easily used by spouses that are suspicious in order to find out the truth about their partner’s infidelity. Not many people are good liars, which means in most cases, there is always evidence about the affair that is hidden somewhere. There are also usually hints and indications that something has gone wrong.

 This is why infidelity surveillance has become a part of the modern world.

 4 tell-tale warning signs linked to infidelity that occurs in women

 1.   Picking Fights

 The dramatic fights which end up with slamming doors are one of the staples for television melodramas and literature everywhere. Yet for the majority of people, it is somewhat rare for a spouse to leave the home in anger after a fight or argument. Spouses are more known for stomping off to another room in the house, and many marriages usually don’t involve the drama which is commonly featured in the paperback novels. You should start to worry when your life starts suddenly feeling like scripts from those popular soap operas.

 There might be an important reason behind this sudden tension. Maybe your partner is feeling frustrated that you are not doing enough around the home to help with your newborn baby.

 Perhaps you feel your other half is not taking your financial concerns seriously enough. If your dramatic arguments appear to come from nowhere, though, then your partner might be cheating on you.

 A dramatic and loud fight provides the perfect excuse to leave your home and a more “valid” reason to run to a lover. This leaves you surprised and frustrated wondering about what has just happened.

2. New Passwords

 Certain people are very anxious when it comes to their privacy on electronic devices. Due to the type of information that is stored on smartphones, it is sensible for most of us to use passcodes.

 After all, if there is no protection in place, a stolen or lost phone could easily result in identity theft, and stolen bank account and credit card information.

 For this reason, many people will set up passcodes. There are people however, that feel safer when they constantly change their passcodes or passwords on laptops, phones, or any other electronic device. If you have a partner that regularly rotates their passwords every 3 to 6 months, you shouldn’t have to worry when they have changed passwords on their devices.

 You should start to worry when your partner lets you use their electronic devices in the evenings or on weekends and now no longer wants to reveal her latest passwords. There could be a perfectly good explanation or reason for this desire for added privacy, but at the same time, it may mean your other half is hiding something.

 New passwords may be just one symptom of change, with additional bank accounts another. This is reinforced by the team at Metro Bookkeeping who acknowledge “you don’t typically have one partner trying to open a second bank account without the knowledge of the first. We notice financial management is typically a shared activity between long-term couples.”

 Interested in finding out more about computer surveillance? Find out more here.

3. Compliments and Gifts

 Unless your partner is a narcissist or serial cheater, your adulterous partner is aware that they have betrayed you. They are probably feeling guilty and will try to alleviate that guilt by trying to “make it up to you”.

 It is obvious that not much will ever constitute for betraying you and breaking your wedding vows, or long-term relationship promises, yet your other half might want to assure their conscience in some way by at least trying to make you superficially happy. A partner that is cheating may erratically start paying a lot more compliments or stop nitpicking about things that once annoyed them.

 Cheaters might also come home with those “just because” gifts or they may spend a lot more than they usually would on a birthday or anniversary gift. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be suspicious of a spouse that is generous when they can afford these gifts, yet if your partner is frugal and suddenly buys you a set of expensive golf clubs, just because they happened to be “thinking about you”, there might be a very guilty conscience going on behind this sudden generosity.

 According to the relationship experts at Emotional Health Counselling, a sudden change in behaviour can be a red flag, noting “extravagant gifts may not always reflect a guilty conscience. Rather than an attempt to cloud your emotional judgement, gifts can act as the ideal distraction making it hard for you to focus on the little red flags, when your mind is occupied with a shiny new toy or trinket.”

4. Forgetfulness

Just about everyone can be forgetful at some point or another. For example, you may have forgotten whether you turned off your phone before going to bed. Or you may have forgotten whether you sent your brother or sister that email you have been meaning to send. Forgetfulness every now and again is perfectly normal, and in fact, some people forget things more than others.

 For this reason, there is no need to worry when your partner normally forgets where they took off their glasses or rings. However, you might need to start worrying when they start regularly forgetting to tell you that they are working late, or starts forgetting to tell you the time you can expect them to be home. For example, if your wife starts to “forget” to return your calls after you have left her messages, she may not have forgotten at all. In fact, she might be using this onset of forgetfulness as her cover up for the time that she is actually spending with someone else.

According to life coach Eiran Threthowan, forgetfulness may be contrasted by an equal red flag – becoming the ‘perfect partner’, noting “by trying to show just how into the relationship they are and how they wouldn’t change a thing, an unfaithful person may overplay their hand. This may be a smokescreen to stop you from seeing things as they really stand.”

 No normal person has the capabilities to perfectly hide secrets that are as important and significant as infidelity. At first, the signs might be very small, and the hints very minor, yet in most cases, there is always a clue that will let you know that something is not right. Some of the oddities may have a perfectly good explanation, or could even be a coincidence.

 However it pays to be aware and keep your eyes open wide to the possibility of infidelity.

Do you think your partner may have strayed from your trust? Don’t live in wonder. Reach out to our infidelity investigators and know for sure.

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