Employee Investigation Services Brisbane
We don't speculate, we investigate. Government licensed Private Investigators.


Are you concerned with your employees' integrity?


We can provide you with Facts on your staff's activities

Qld Covert Investigations can assist in providing you with intelligence on your staff’s activities including before work, during lunch breaks, after hours, sales trips, long lunches and sick days.

Theft in the workplace is also a major concern in Australia and costs employers billions of dollars mainly from theft of time, product and Intellectual property. Qld Covert Investigations has had experience in a wide scope of these matters and has assisted Clients/employers to gather information and evidence to stop the theft.

Our experienced licensed Private Investigators have diverse backgrounds and use the latest electronic equipment. Qld Covert Investigations has a Security Firms license in Queensland, a Master License in New South Wales and is a member of a number of professional governing bodies including ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) and AIPD (Australian Institute of Private Investigators).

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