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Are you losing stock? Do you require a covert security officer?


Reduce Loss, Gather Evidence and Improve your Bottom Line

Qld Covert Investigations can assist with a variety of strategies to reduce and minimise shrinkage and reduction of net profit to your business. We can deploy operatives, either male or female, into your business either as a secret shopper or an employee to gather information and report on staff and customers’ activities.

Unknown loss and theft is a major issue Nationally within a variety of business sectors and is affecting net profits to businesses’ bottom lines.

Our Investigators have vast experience in gathering and presenting evidence. Our team has the proven ability to provide Clients with the facts which not only assists them in proceeding with matters, in some cases assists them with the decision not to proceed, thus saving valuable time and money.

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Qld Covert Investigations has worked with small and large organisations including grocery chain stores, the retail sector and company office buildings.  We have a number of specialised techniques and strategies to assist you in your matter.

Qld Covert Investigations works with our sister company Qld Diamond Security who has a team of security guards and store detectives that can help to reduce workplace theft.  CCTV and alarm systems can also be installed to keep your assets safe.


Contact us now to discuss how we can help you reduce theft and increase profit 1300 553 788 or via email

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