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Private Investigators in Brisbane and Gold Coast

When that feeling keeps on coming back to you, that you’re the victim of a cheating wife, it’s time to settle the matter one way or the other so you know the truth. The Qld Covert Investigations team conducts discreet surveillances regularly into such matters; they know how to catch a cheating wife, and you can trust them to prove conclusively what’s going on.

Utmost Discretion

Our Private Investigation team can be relied upon to progress any private investigation with sympathy and understanding, because we know from experience that doubts like yours are usually grounded in the truth. Notwithstanding this, we operate with care and caution, so that in the event your suspicion turns out incorrect, there’s no damage to your relationship.

Before We Start

Before our Private Investigator begins their investigation of your case, they’ll first interview you to understand the basis for your suspicions that your wife is cheating. They will probe for evidence of secrecy and progressive disengagement. At the same time, they’ll be researching where the infidelity might be happening.

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Cheating Wife Proof

Once we catch your cheating wife, we’ll provide a comprehensive report that we hand to you personally. In the event that you’re the victim of a cheating wife, this will include date-stamped videos and photos each with background description. If your partner comes out clean we’ll explain in detail how our investigation unfolded. However, if your lady is being unfaithful you’ll have irrefutable proof.


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Your Assurance

We didn’t gain our reputation as Gold Coast Private Investigators of note (and members of the ASIAL and AIPD)  without deserving all of them. In fact, our Clients constantly shower us with praise for our professional style. That’s why you can trust us in strictest confidence to catch your cheating wife – on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland or throughout Australia.

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