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You Don’t Have to Put Up with Infidelity When It Knocks

Infidelity creeps up on us silently when we wake at 2 a.m. to find our partner still not back home.

Cheating seems almost inevitable with over 50% of men and women breaking their marriage vows. 

Cheating seems almost inevitable judging by statistics. [ Read more here ]

 Surprisingly perhaps, unfaithfulness is least likely when we are in our twenties and partying wildly. In fact, it is most likely to affect relationships that have lasted decades, and raised kids who may even have kids of their own.

The Infidelity Bell Curve Peaks in Middle Age

Men are most likely to develop second relationships around age 55, while women most often start a decade sooner. The latter are inclined to think long and hard first, although men – always the hunters – may slide into having an affair without thinking the consequences through.

Interestingly enough, the straying partner is more likely to feel excluded in the primary relationship, where communication has broken down and they no longer feel loved. In such cases it is unfair to speak of an innocent partner. Both sides have to work hard to prevent infidelity happening.

I Suspect My Partner Is Having an Affair. What Can I Do?

Clearly you need to bottom out on the facts and discover the truth, because your suspicions may be false. If what you think turns out true, then you may have these three options;

  • Turn a  blind eye because it suits you to continue the relationship
  • Confront your partner with their unfaithfulness and try to recover the situation
  • End the relationship one way or the other after securing your entitlements

However, you are unlikely to get far with the latter option without having undeniable proof. One way to secure this is to find a private detective in Queensland and ask them to do a discreet surveillance of your partner.

What Is Surveillance: How Does It Work?

Surveillance is shadowing someone to find out what they are up to without them suspecting they are being observed. We might, for example analyse their email and phone traffic if we can access their devices for a few minutes.

We could also follow them discreetly to discover their favourite haunts. If they frequent a particular restaurant we have ways of obtaining time- and date-stamped videos and photographs. Once you have this hard evidence, the ‘innocent’ question “who is this person” may reveal all.

For more advice on this matter please call QLD Covert Investigations on this number 1300 553 788 or via email Rest assured our service is confidential and utterly discrete.

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