Why Infidelity Investigation Detective Is Better Than a Lawyer
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Why an Infidelity Investigations Detective Is Better than a Lawyer

When Qld Covert Investigations assigns an infidelity investigations detective to a case, the client goes through a more comfortable process compared to using a lawyer. The greatest benefit is the total confidentiality they experience. Read on to discover more reasons why you should consider this approach, if you find yourself in a troubled relationship.

The Advantages of Using an Infidelity Investigations Detective

In the first instance you work with a single individual, your assigned infidelity investigations detective. Your meetings are confidential. This is so much more comfortable than sitting in a waiting room before you see the lawyer, and having other people wondering why you are consulting a marital specialist.

Consequently, your concerns about your relationship remain confidential. Compare this with a lawyer where their receptionist, personal assistant, partners, and general staff may all be aware of your situation. They respect your confidentiality, of course but it is still embarrassing if you end up in the same queue at the checkout.

Moreover, you remain completely in control of the outcome. A marital affairs lawyer will press you hard for the next phase, namely going to court after their detective uncovers the truth. Besides costing you a considerable amount, this generates even more publicity and you will have no control over the media.

By comparison, an infidelity investigations detective assignment is complete when they hand you a file containing their findings. Qld Covert Investigations has no further involvement in the matter, unless you decide to call on us to give evidence in court. We have novested interests. Hence, our findings are objective. We report dispassionately on what we find.

Your Road Ahead Once You Receive Our Infidelity Investigation Report

You continue to be in control because only two people know the contents of the report. You and your infidelity investigations detective sworn to secrecy by their professional allegiance. Your report may allay your concerns, prove them undeniably, or fall somewhere between.

Nobody likes paying money to lawyers when they can do the job themselves. If you judge your relationship is recoverable, discuss your concerns with your partner. You may find them equally concerned, and keen to find a way through with a marriage counsellor. If there is no way through the impasse, try to find a way to dissolve things peacefully so there is more money to share.

Qld Covert Investigations is a licenced, registered business with control systems in place including commercial insurance. Call 1300 553 788 to arrange a meeting with our infidelity investigations detective in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia.   If you are concerned someone might overhear you, leave a private message here.

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