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The Private Investigator Brisbane Residents Prefer

Many clients mention how glad they are to have found us, after searching google pages for a reliable private investigator Brisbane based for weeks. Frankly, we are flattered by these comments, although we have worked extremely hard to reach this point in our business plan.

We suspect our membership of the QCI Group of Companies may have something to do with this. In recent years we spawned QLD Diamond Security – Brisbane’s bespoke guarding firm – and Missing Persons In Australia which is a focussed attempt to crack cases that have been nagging employees and families for months.

Security Services Without Borders

Consequently, we are able to provide a comprehensive service to Brisbane residents and businesspeople that is almost without limits. This is important. Many of our cases overlap between what Qld Covert Investigations, Missing Persons in Australia, and QLD Diamond Security to best.

A Case Study of Success

A few weeks ago, a businessperson approached us in a dilemma. She had fallen out with her best friend and business partner over business ethics. He had cleaned out the business bank account and vanished. The lady had started receiving threatening phone calls following an article in the media. These related to her underage daughter, and were frankly alarming. Fortunately for her, our extended private investigator Brisbane service was ready to assist.

Because of the sensitivity of the matter, she contacted us and not the federal police. Our first step was to post a QLD Diamond Security guard at her residence, and provide an escort service for her teenage girl. With that in place, we asked Missing Persons in Australia to track the business partner down, while electronic sleuths from QLD Covert Investigations obtained hard evidence he had hacked into the account.

We can help client with private investigation matters in Brisbane and throughout Queensland and Australia and are contactable on 1300 553 788 or via a web enquiry form. Our methods are discreet and we treat all matters private & confidentially.

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